Sweater (On sale!) / Blanket (On sale!) / Similar Socks

I am so excited about the photography series, guys! I can’t believe how wonderful your survey responses were yesterday; I read them all last night and I now have so many ideas on how to approach this because of YOU. If you didn’t get a chance to take it, it’s only four questions, and it’s super quick. I’m going to leave it open for a while since the more input the better, in my opinion. Thank you!

I’m filming and writing the first photography post today, so you can expect that early next week.

Anyway, before we get to this week’s “Recent Finds,” here’s some random (but wonderful) stuff that’s going on in our lives:

  • Mitch and I are sticking to our goals for 2018–here are mine and here are his–and we’re getting all dressed up and going on a date tonight! We’ll actually be doing a few Insta Stories while we’re there, so be sure to follow along. I’m so excited. I love my husband and this little life we have and I’m grateful to get some alone time with him. :)
  • Mitch’s family is coming this weekend. Actually, his dad, brother and nephew are coming for a “boy’s weekend,” and it’s going to be the cutest. They’re going to Legoland and doing some other boy stuff, and Emma and I are going to have a girls’ day together. (Eeeeeee!) On Saturday night, my father-in-law is putting the kids to bed, and we’re going to dinner and a concert. (Thank you, John!)
  • My cousin is a rockstar and I love her so much. That is all. :) #fern
  • The countdown to Florida continues! We leave on February 10th. Would you be interested in seeing what I’m packing?
  • Did you catch Danielle’s pregnancy announcement? I don’t see Danielle as much as I’d like to on account of crazy schedules, but she’s one of my best friends in Chicago, and Mitch and I are SO happy for her. (And Conor, who we love just as much!) We had dinner this past week, and it was the best. (Per usual!) Can’t wait for our baby girls to grow up together. ❤️
  • We decided to get Emma a play kitchen. Because we spent Christmas in New Orleans visiting my brother, we really couldn’t get her much. Which was fine, because she’s 1.5 years and has no idea what’s going on. 😉 But we knew that in January, we’d likely go for either a set of table and chairs or a toy kitchen, as she seems to LOVE both at indoor playgrounds, daycare, and her friends’ houses. It took me a long time, but I finally decided on one, and I’m excited to show you when it arrives next week! (Is it weird that I’m almost just as excited about Emma’s kitchen as I am about the real one in our house?)

On to this week’s Recent Finds:


I adore this cardigan! Get ready for a ton of other cardigans, but this color is perfect for the remaining months of winter.

The navy stripes!

This is my favorite cable-knit blanket. It’s a go-to for our family, and it makes the perfect gift.

But Mitch and I fight over it. ;) Maybe this one needs to join us?

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Doesn’t this look so much like a Chanel?! Goes with everything, too!

My favorite sweater blazer. Wear mine constantly with button-downs and camisoles.

Such the investment bag, but also such the classic bag.

omg. I have no words. I couldn’t do this, but they’re GINGHAM.

I have these pumps in light pink, and they’re insanely comfy! Love them in brown suede.

Also a huge fan of these navy loafer, which come in a bunch of different colors.

I need this for Florida. Photos incoming, haha.

Amazon recently sent me this and I’m IN LOVE. I have a size small and it’s roomy yet not too big. :)

My new slippers. Just make sure to Scotch Guard them in case you drop brownie batter on ’em! (What happened to my last pair of slippers.)

Have this one in navy and just ordered it in light pink. Went with a size small. It’s FLANNEL! Tuck it on on one side and it looks adorable.

A must-have navy striped sweater.

Love this one, too!

Perfect for the beach. Omg. Why isn’t it summer yet?

This is the sweater I’m wearing in this pic!

Obviously these are coming to Florida, too.

FINALLY found dark skinnies that I love. They’re mid-rise and perfect. So soft and comfy! Yet they don’t stretch out. Took a solid two years to find.

They now come in white! What a steal.

My go-to cardigan these days.

Very interested in trying this one, though. I’ve heard SUCH great things!

Love the cinched belt.

Cozy navy socks for Chicago winters.

One of my go-to “cozy fleece” tops is back in stock!

Yep. Ordered.

I have this coat and adore it. It’s back in stock!

A classic gray sweater for a steal.

I know I keep featuring this but I’m in love. I have it in navy and light blue and considering the pink for Valentine’s Day!

I wear this over button-downs and it’s back in stock. So soft!

Out of character for me, but I love it.

An amazing deal on my favorite cashmere sweater brand!

FINALLY! The cutest red duffle coat. And it’s on sale.