(Photo source: Inspired by This)

One year ago, I decided–on a whim–to start a blog. It came about in the silliest of ways: I’d fallen completely in love with a particular J.Crew coat, and it went on final sale while Mitch and I were down on the Jersey Shore for a long weekend. Unsure of what size to get–and being pretty far from a J.Crew store–I Googled it in the hopes of finding some helpful sizing reviews. Instead, I stumbled upon one of Jessica’s adorable blog posts. I’d never heard of a fashion blog before, but quickly became obsessed with the concept. “Why don’t you start your own?” Mitch suggested a night or two later. “You could call it ‘Kelly in the City’ or something.”

A year has passed since then, and I’m so happy I took his advice. This past year has been a blast. This little blog has helped me explore New York in ways I never thought possible, meet and connect with some incredible people, and create fabulous friendships. And you guys made it all possible. So thank you.

I’m working on a longer reflective post (and have a bunch of “Ask Kelly” posts almost done — eek!), but for now, I’m going to the beach. Mitch and I are currently in South Beach… So, yeah. Hehe. (Couldn’t take the snow anymore. So we literally got into our car on Friday and drove south. So far, we’ve been to the Outer Banks and Savannah. A-maz-ing!) I’ll check back in soon!

(Oh, and I got the coat. Thanks, Jessica! Haha.)