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Have questions you’d like answered on Kelly in the City? Go ahead: ask!

I adore getting emails from readers. Forming connections and friendships is a huge benefit of blogging, and I try my best to answer every question I receive. What kind of questions do I get? Questions about anything and everything. And I love that. While I obviously jump at the chance to talk style and fashion, it’s also great starting conversations about blogging, city living, work, relationships, family, travel, photography, and everyday life.

But now that this little blog has been up and running for almost two years (two-year anniversary: February 15th!), I’ve started to notice that I’m getting some repeat questions. At school, if I got the same question multiple times, I tended to share my explanation with everyone. So why am I not doing that here, on Kelly in the City?

It was my husband’s idea to start some sort of an “Ask Kelly” section on the blog—thanks, Mitch!—so I’m going with it. Now, some questions and answers aren’t meant to be shared. If you email me in confidence, our conversations will, of course, remain private. (Pinky swear.) But if you’d like a question answered on the blog, feel free to e-mail me at :)

Note: E-mail addresses will never be published.

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