$50 J.Crew Shoes

Woven Bow Loafers

Please excuse me as my blog reverts to its younger years when I only posted about fashion. 😉 For the life of me, I can’t get anything done, haha, and this is about as much as I can manage right now while mom-ing in quarantine. But J.Crew has a ton of shoes priced at $50 today only, so that’s fun! (Nearly 75 percent off in some cases! CRAZY.)

Here are my faves:

And here they are in black.

Woven means that I can wear loafers in the summer! FINALLY. It was all that was missing in my life… (Jokes.) But seriously, I adore these.

I think I might like Everlane’s version better, simply because the leather is SO soft. But these are a steal and really cute!

Ugh. I can’t get Carole Baskin out of my head. If she ruins leopard for me, I’ll be livid.

White sandals — always class up a simple spring or summer look!

LOVE THESE. I have a very old similar-looking pair of Tommy Bahama sandals that I could never part with, but these look fantastic!

In leopard. Oh, Carole.

These are so pretty! With white jeans? Yes.

Another style.

Again, with white jeans. So adorable!

Can’t decide whether these look too much like slippers or they’re the cutest thing ever.

These white sneakers get GREAT reviews!

Pink gingham sneaks! Sure to add a little sunshine to your life.

The classic leopard ballet flats.

I have these and love them! I mostly wear them with jeans and blue-and-white striped shirts. Super easy yet super cute look. ;)

Might love these even more?

The classic black flats.

And in leopard. (Both = so versatile.)

And in nude!

Love a solid shiny black loafer. Pair with jeans and a black tee and you look polished in roughly three minutes.

They come in navy, black and camel!

Great for summer skirts and dresses. Wedges = WAY more comfort than traditional heels.

If I were getting married, these would so be my wedding shoes! (My heart goes out to all the brides right now. All I can say is that I bet it will be even MORE special when it happens; everyone will come together and you will feel an enormous amount of love! Hang in there. Your feelings are valid!)

Can’t go wrong with a pair of vans!