Dachshund Draft Stopper

Dachshund Draft Stopper

In March, I published “2020 Amazon Purchases” and it was one of my most-read posts! So I figured I should make it a monthly series–especially now that the country is trying to limit how often we go to physical stores. (Though whenever possible, it’s great to select “fewest number of packages” at checkout for the sake of Amazon and delivery workers–and the environment, of course!)

My big “find” was a company called Creative Co-Op. Very reasonable prices for awesome home stuff! It’s where the above dachshund draft stopper is from. I’ve included some picks above!

Okay! Here’s the arguably very strange stuff we’d purchased over the last couple of month:

My friend Barbie sent me this book, haha, and it was a MUST.

Our current couch legs have scratched up our hardwood floors so badly, and we didn’t really notice until recently. Ugh. But ordered these, hoping to remedy the situation.

HOLY. I’m working with Rubbermaid to promote their “Brilliance” line of pantry containers, and they sent me a few of these. I loved them so much that I ordered more. I can’t believe how little food we waste now! They also bring me great joy; our cabinets look awesome now! If Amazon is sold out, Kohl’s has some on sale.

I wear sneakers a LOT these days, and these work perfectly. No more cold toys.

Lucy is now in the bath tub with Emma, so we bought this to keep things as safe as possible.

Influenced by my friends to buy this. Excited about cleaner floors. If Amazon is sold out, you can find it at Wayfair and Walmart. It’s apparently god’s gift to quarantine life.

Currently baby-proofing the house since Lucy just started crawling!

I swear by this stuff.

We recently went full faux in our home, and we ordered these to add some greenery. LOVE THEM! They look so real!

Also ordered this for under our living room end table.

Also got this, haha. Definitely makes me happy when I come down in the morning.

Ordered this for Emma’s Easter Basket but it didn’t come in time. So… yeah. Now I have an extra Sofia dress, haha.

We’ve been really into games! Ordered a couple that Emma can play with us.

This is her favorite. A three-year-old can definitely play.

FAVORITE BASKETS. We have them all over the house for toys. They’re fantastic because they have handles, and you can carry them like a tote.

Sent these to Lurie Children’s Hospital! If you’d like to send the kids some toys, click here. (Times are tough; they can’t see their families as much because of the pandemic!)

A lot of families are making rainbows in their windows to support medical professionals and essential workers, so I got these post-its to do the same! Going to do it this week.

Straight-up lost the girls’ Easter baskets. Maybe they didn’t make the move? Not sure. :( But got these emergency baskets, and now use them for toys, too. Just call me Basket Girl.

We love this series!

Easter present for Lucy.

This is one of the dresses that ended up coming in time for Easter, but didn’t love it.

Another Easter present for Lucy, haha. Loves the light-up toys.

This one wasn’t as intricate, but Emma LOVES it. It’s so soft and comfortable! (Frozen II)

You can read all about this here. Horrible putting-together experience but WORTH IT.

And then we turned it into a ball pit!

Ordered these baby gates for the house. They didn’t work.

Ordered this for the house. It was HUGE. Comical, really.

Missing my Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze. This is not as good.

And Trader Joe’s sun-dried tomatoes. These are expensive… but the container is very big.

Last Easter present for Lucy. I may have gone overboard but light-up toys entertain her for hours and I need all the help I can get!

My dad is a bond trader on Wall Street, and for the first time ever, he’s working from home. It’s crazy! So many computers in his office and my mom says he just yells all day, haha. I sent him this to lighten the mood. He enjoyed. ;)

BEST. MATHBOOK. EVER. Mitch used this is the Bronx and his at-risk students did so well! We can’t recommend it enough.

Favorite mug. Keeps coffee hot for hours. Great for when you’re interrupted approximately five billion times per hour.

Noodle eats these.

Melissa & Doug crafts for the win!

I Pinterest craft ideas constantly. Can make the vast majority with just construction paper!

Duplos. Emma will build with them for hours.

Mitch bought a grill before the pandemic started, and I’m so grateful! We grill at least once every couple of days.

Favorite kiddie spoons, which Noodle also enjoys eating.

Mitch bought a ukulele.

I used this to give Mitch a mohawk. ;)

Had to! Carly found this and I nearly died.

YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I ADORE THESE. If you haven’t already done so, please give them a try. They’re so cheap and they’ll change your life.

Lucky the Leprechaun brought these for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Knit-button downs are AMAZING for layering. They’re so cozy yet give you the look of a crisp white Oxford.

Lucy grew out of her pajamas so I got her this. Only $12 and the cutest onesie ever.