best storage baskets from Amazon

Best storage baskets ever

Okay. This is about to be either a very interesting or very boring post. 😂 But I love chatting with friends about Amazon finds, and I thought it would be fun to see what the Larkin Family has purchased thus far this year, as it might lend a little insight re: what our lives are really like!

Before I start, I should mention that we use Amazon a lot. I don’t have a license… and while I could walk or take public transit to run errands, I honestly don’t have that kind of time every day. (Though it sounds SO lovely!) And to be frank, I’m just not willing to trade quality time with the girls for errands… and I’m not willing to trade what little free time I have for them, either. So say what you will about Amazon (and believe me; I was affected by that), but it makes things a lot easier on this mom. :)

Btw: I left out a FEW purchases, but they were mostly lightbulbs, wires and parts. (Mitch has a few house projects going on at all times!)

Anything interesting you’ve purchased on Amazon lately? Let me know!

Found these walnut pie plate stands for our buffet shelves.

Had to try them! I REALLY like them, and grab one whenever my outfit looks blah and I’m running out. Can’t beat the price!

We put up Lucy’s curtains with these! Wasn’t willing to pay an arm and a leg for something that no one would see.

Bought these fleece-lined tights so I could wear dresses again. They work!

I was sick and tired of freaking out on weekend mornings because we didn’t have birthday cards for birthday parties. So I bought a zillion. IT’S BEEN THE BEST.

We never got around to buying light switch covers during renovations… so I finally freaked out one night and ordered these and made Mitch install them. My husband thinks I’m insane but the rooms look a LOT better, haha.

Had heard so much about these so I bit the bullet and bought one. THEY LIVE UP TO THE HYPE. My coffee stays hot for hours! I’m someone who’s drinking cold coffee… so this has been absolutely lovely.

We’re going full-on faux this year because we cannot, for the life of us, keep real plants alive with two kids. (And yes, we’ve tried those upside-down watering things.) We heard about this company and decided to give them a try… and we’re so impressed! We put these in the windows in our kitchen. (We ripped them out of the hanging baskets and put them in planters.) The vines were a little long but we tucked them back behind the plant and they look great!

BEST BASKETS EVER. I have them stashed all over the house and throw toys in them when cleaning up. They help me keep my sanity! I also have one in the kitchen for hats and gloves so we no longer have to send out a search party before we leave the house.

These were an okay purchase. I wear one of them pretty often. They’re not tight; don’t give me a headache.

Pretty much all of our play food was lost during our New Year’s party so we bought this cheapo food to replace it. It’s what we usually find at children’s museums and Emma LOVES that stuff… and as to be expected, she loves this, too! Score.

A birthday present for our next-door neighbor. :)

I’m obsessed. Don’t ask any questions. Just buy. Your hair will turn into silk.

After I fell completely in love with Yeti, I bought this water bottle. It’s a kids’ water bottle, and I drink its contents in like two seconds. So I gave it to Emma. Oh well.

Bought this to tape together the buckle on our stroller, which is impossible to buckle when you’re dealing with crying/screaming children. Was going to buy a whole new buckle system, but that proved to be way too complicated. This worked like a charm!

Emma needed new sneakers for gym class and play. LOVES THESE.

Emma wore this to her bestie’s birthday tea party. IT WAS DARLING.

We’re currently working on our basement. Bought these to put on the shelves for toys. I can’t wait until we’re done setting up this house. WE’RE SO CLOSE!

We’re really into the Harry the Dog series right now.

SWORE these were washable and then Emma ruined a dress with them. They’re not washable. My bad.

Had our Christmas wreaths hanging up for the longest, most inappropriate time because I had nothing to store them in. This thing is super cheap and gets the job done… and it holds two!


My #1 boys’ birthday party gift is legos. How awesome is this shark?!

I couldn’t live without this stuff. It gets everything out. (Except for permanent marker stains. I’m an idiot.)

Finally bought a nice soap pump for the powder room. This was pricey but I kept coming back to it for the better part of the last year so I sucked it up, haha.

Lucy’s eating solid foods now, and we use these guys to transport it.

Lucy was waking up soaked every morning, and I felt SO badly, both for her and for me. (SO much laundry, haha.) Zero problems after we got these! So effective. (Probably great for travel, too?!)

Bought this for a birthday present for Emma’s bestie, and then bought two more for the girls’ Easter baskets. I know it’s early but I like to collect things slowly that way I don’t end up scrambling at the last minute!