Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

Cherry Composition Book and Pencils / Pink Heart Hair Clips / Pink and White Hearts Bracelet / Heart Sidewalk Chalk / Heart Nail Stickers / Pink Personalized Embroidered Heart Sweater / Noodle Valentine Card Set / Ice Cream Valentine Cards / Sparkly Hair Clips / Pink Quilted Heart Purse / Heart Valentine Cards / Heart Lollipop Pajamas / Glitter Heart Stickers / Jellycat Personalized Sweater / Pink Scrunchie / Tweed Heart Pink Purse / Pink Heart Cardigan / Cat Eye Mask

From Valentine cards to heart-knit sweaters and friendship bracelets, these are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her or Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him, take a look at those posts and hopefully they’ll give you some inspiration.

Cherry Composition Book and Pencils: This notebook and matching pencil set are so cute for school or drawing.

Pink Heart Hair Clips: I love these cute heart hair accessories.

Pink and White Hearts Bracelet: These pink and white friendship bracelets are adorable.

Heart Sidewalk Chalk: This would be a fun weekend activity when it’s sunny outside.

Heart Nail Stickers: An at-home mani-pedi night would be a fun activity to do as a family, and these nail stickers would be a fun addition.

Pink Personalized Embroidered Heart Sweater: This custom embroidered name sweater is a cute Valentine’s Day gift for kids.

Noodle Valentine Card Set: If you’re looking for kids’ cards for Valentine’s Day exchanges at school, look at this noodle Valentine card set – so adorable!

Ice Cream Valentine Cards: These Valentine cards come with friendship bracelets, which makes things extra fun.

Sparkly Hair Clips: More cute hair accessories!

Pink Quilted Heart Purse: I pulled a similar bag out on a rainy weekend, and the girls loved playing with them for hours.

Heart Valentine Cards: More Valentine cards for school exchanges. They come with adorable envelopes too.

Heart Lollipop Pajamas: This sweetheart lollipop kids’ PJ set is so cute and will surely bring a little joy to any bedtime routine.

Glitter Heart Stickers: Stickers are always an exciting Valentine’s gift for kids or can be used to seal Valentine’s cards.

Jellycat Personalized Sweater & Jellycat Beige Bunny Stuffed Animal: I wrote all about these adorable sweaters here.

Pink Scrunchie: This pink velvet scrunchie is another great festive gift.

Tweed Heart Pink Purse: I love this kids’ pink tweed purse too.

Pink Heart Cardigan: This pink heart cardigan would be a lovely Valentine’s Day outfit and can be worn all winter long.

Cat Eye Mask: This sleep mask is too cute!