As someone with a circulation disorder who lived in the tri-state area their whole life, I thought I understood what it meant to be cold—until we moved to Chicago. I was *woefully* unprepared. Now? Don’t worry about me guys, I’m definitely over-prepared. 🤣 Still, as soon as the temperatures start to drop ALL I WANT TO BE IS COZY. Especially once Christmas passes and there’s just no good reason to be freezing anymore. I own all but a couple of the items below and they’ll be in constant rotation until further notice.

White Sweater / Sherpa Lady Jacket / Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket / Cozy Robe / Sherpa Mules / Barefoot Dreams Beanie / UGG Boots / Barefoot Dreams Socks / Alex Mill Sweater / Sorel Boots / UGG Slippers / ChappyWrap Blanket / Dudley Stephens Turtleneck / Alex Mill Cardigan / LAKE Pajamas Bundle

Okay, SO. If you recall, it took me actual years for me to finally listen to Carly and try LAKE pajamas. They live up to every single hype AND THEN SOME—they’re mind bogglingly soft and wash like a dream. This bundle gives you the best of both worlds: shorts for spring/summer and pants for fall/winter! THAT SAID, Carly swears that her favorite piece from LAKE is actually their Cozy Robe. It’s, well, ridiculously cozy. Wear them together and you’ll never take them off.

I know everyone knows about Barefoot Dreams, but I don’t think everyone knows… you know?! Believe me when I tell you it isn’t ONE BIT overrated. If you’re just starting your collection, get the socks first. They’re even softer than you can image and will keep your feet SO warm. (And if you get the set, you can keep them all for yourself *or* gift the other pairs!) The beanie is just as amazing. No itch at ALL. The throw blanket is a classic, not to mention a staple in our home! I like to hide it from everyone else in our bedroom. 😂 Everyone in the house has their own ChappyWrap though. The fleece is unlike any other fleece I’ve ever felt. IT’S SO SOFT. Plus, they’re machine-washable and dryer-safe!

This $49.90 sweater from Quince is SUCH a convincing alternative to my beloved Jenni Kayne Fisherman Sweater that’s literally 8x more expensive. The famous Alex Mill cardigan is one of my favorite buys—the thick cotton, the chunky stitch, the millions of colors (okay, there’s 7). It’s just the best! Then again, EVEN BETTER is the button back sweater because it’s reversible—you can wear the buttons on the back or on the front like a cardigan. Dudley Stephens turtlenecks are an essential part of my morning drop-off wardrobe and 100% worth the investment. They’re basically like your favorite sweatshirt, but way more polished. Win-win! Speaking of polished-but-comfy: Did you know the iconic Lady Jacket comes in sherpa?! I’ll take one of every iteration J.Crew wants to release. 😉

These UGG slippers are basically like feet sweaters. And once you know that, is there anything else that needs to be said?! I love them so much. On the topic of UGGs: If recreating 2006 with these boots is wrong, I absolutely refuse to be right. Despite having Raynaud’s, my feet are always warm and toasty no matter the weather. Believe it or not, these sneaker boots from Sorel are actually just as comfortable as my trusty UGGs, but waterproof! Go up half a size to accommodate thick socks. And finally, these shearling and suede slippers are the budget-friendly lookalike for my Jenni Kayne mules. Perfect for wearing around the house, right?!