HI. After a magical stay at the Loews Hotel here in Chicago this weekend, I started feeling under the weather. (Every time I have the chance to relax, my body realizes just how tired it really is. Anyone else!?) I may be a little dead BUT my Christmas spirit is alive and well, haha.

Dressing the girls is one of my favorite hobbies (yes, I know what I just said, and no, it isn’t healthy 🤪). Every time the holidays roll around, I’m convinced their wardrobes should include enough tartan and sparkle to wear them 24/7/365. Basically, this roundup is my version of exhibiting self-control so I can live vicariously through all of you guys. 🤣 Don’t forget to SIZE UP if you have a toddler. Cuff and roll now, so this time next year they can wear the same clothes!

Red Cardigan / Gingham Dress / Red Dress / Bow Sweater / Green Pants / Tartan Headband / Tartan Skirt / Tartan Dress / Mary Janes / Tweed Lady Jacket / Bow Socks

I have to start with tartan, because OBVIOUSLY (we’re going to pretend like I still have it in me to do #60daysofplaid 😅) Let me tell you about this dress. My favorite detail isn’t actually the slightly-puffy sleeves or crystal buttons on the front, but the fact that there’s a MATCHING dress for women! The Stewart tartan on this skirt is just as cute—and a little bit brighter. I’d pair it with this red cardigan with crystal buttons! At literally $7, I don’t know why I haven’t already gotten this headband for Lucy and Emma—AND all of their friends. Just because it’s sooo cheap.

I think my favorite piece HAS to be the $30 shimmery tweed lady jacket. If it wasn’t already sold out in the largest sizes, I’d buy it for myself. Get it while you still can, okay?! Okay, great. Moving on: I love a holiday bow. My girls love sequins. This sweater is the perfect compromise. (Plus, it’s 100% cotton—so NO ITCH.) When I saw these pants I knew they’d look too cute together.

I don’t think anything on this list is more precious what Boden calls the TWIRLY DRESS. It has a Peter Pan collar *and* a bow and it’s selling out way too fast so PLEASE HURRY. I’m also very into this cute (gingham!) dress that’s a little less fancy. Any and all of these pieces can be worn with the most darling scalloped Mary Janes and bow socks!