Emma at Ocean City beach with her four gymnast cousins

I could go on and on about how amazing the entirety of my and Emma’s family is, but almost everyone from my dad’s side is (or will be) here in Ocean City this week, and it’s making Emma’s little life.

A couple of days ago, my cousins spent the most magical late afternoon/evening with her on the beach. It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! They were competitive gymnasts growing up, and were totally down to prance around (Elsa-style, of course) in the sand with her… and tumble and roll and do all the little girl pretending. And let’s just say that when Olivia started handspringing–new word!–and flipping, Emma was mesmerized.

I have the best family. Thank you to all Emma’s family–fabulous aunts and uncles and significant others included–who’ve been helping Emma to live her best life this week! 😂 Never have we felt so loved, and it’s just so unbelievably special to all be in one place together.

These are the kind of nights that remain in your memory forever. ❤️

Kelly's husband giving a thumbs up while in the Ocean City waves
Ocean City is pictured in the backdrop while Kelly's extended family hangs out in the sand
Emma attempts to do gymnastics with her cousin
Emma is surrounded by her female cousins as they all play and talk in the sand
Kelly's husband is in a plaid shirt and points at the camera
Emma and a cousin cast shadows on the beach shore
Emma and her cousins walk on the beach
Emma and her cousins on the beach shore
Emma is running in the sand, her cousins pictured in the background
Emma is in a polka dot bathing suit and her cousins pictured in the background
Emma in a bathing suit, her cousins pictured behind her
Emma lays in the sand with her cousins
Emma is smiling in a blue, plastic baby pool while four female cousins smile in the background
Emma is running away from her cousins at the beach
A female in a white shirt and green shorts is smiling next to a man in a plaid shirt
Emma and a cousin are playing in the sand
Emma is being carried
Two family members playing a beach game
Two family members waiting for the games to begin
Emma is being carried by her father, she places her hands over his face
Emma giggles and covers her mouth while walking down the pier
Emma giggles and covers her mouth while walking down the pier, facing head on
Two babies are smiling at the camera while two family members smile

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