New Rothy's Bow Mary Janes

New Rothy’s Bow Mary Janes!

Link: $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s.

YAY Friday! But let’s get right to it:

My ruffled leopard top is on sale for only $53 today with code “GETAWAY.” Amazing! It’s machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, so great for travel.

Half of the famous pair of AG Jeans skinnies! If you’ve always wanted to take the plunge, now’s the time. They’re stellar. I’ve had my pair for years, and they’re still in rotation. (Though a slightly different wash.)

These are supposed to be WILDLY comfortable. And I love that they’re a slightly different take on the traditional ballet flat!

I ordered these black leggings because my friends rave about them all the time, and my other pair was pilling. Very affordable!

LOVE this new line of bags by Rebecca Minkoff. They really remind me of Chanel!

Just dropping these here again because they’re the best jeans ever and I promise that they won’t disappoint. ;) So soft. So stretchy. Don’t bag out. Gettttttt themmmmm. TTS.

This is one of my most-worn tops.

The tunic version! Wouldn’t this look adorable with…

The olive leggings…

and these leopard Rothy’s?! PERFECT OUTFIT.

Oh, btw: I ordered these super affordable leopard leggings and they’re incredible. I plan on wearing them as pants, though. Like with a crisp white button down. Thoughts on that? Can I get away with it? Ha!

This is gorgeous.

A scalloped spring trench-like jacket with a gingham liner. I mean…

IT HAS PADDING. You’re welcome.

Looking to jump on the boyfriend jeans train but don’t want to drop a ton of money on something you’re not sure you’re going to love? These are reportedly super soft and they’re VERY affordable.

YES. Friends, it’s poly. Throw it in the wash and then hang it up to dry. No ironing needed.

Here’s another pair. Can’t decide which I like better.

Saw this on Pinterest and I fell for it, haha.

Another option! Sorry. I’m an obsessive person.

TUCKERNUCK. This is gorgeous!

And this one. Ah, summer. I Can’t wait for you.

This drapey trench is beautiful.

Everlane’s version of the trendy jeans. What do you guys think? Which would you go for?

Love this mesh sweater from Everlane, too.

If only I wasn’t constantly covered in baby goo. Until then, I’ll be using my navy version. ;)

I’ll never stop loving Hudson. Especially since Madewell doesn’t carry a pair of Roadtrippers.

This is a top contender and I want to try. :)

Here’s my Garmin smartwatch! It’s incredibly helpful for staying on top of everything I have going on, and it’s beautiful! Can’t say that about other smart watches…

This one does ALL the same things (literally) but is half the price. Highly recommend! $250 is a great price for a Garmin!

Also $250, in pink!

Also $250, in navy!

You can also buy quick release bands to change up the colors on the reg. They’re only $30, which I think is really good!

Love the navy leather band, too.