Vineyard Vines Stow & Go Rain Coat-7

Vineyard Vines Raincoat c/o (Also available here in stripes!) / Madewell Jeans (Similar here) / Kate Spade Earrings and Sunglasses (Old, similar here and here)

Oops. I’m having one of those weeks during which it’s extremely difficult to manage real life and get posts up at a reasonable hour. Between unpacking from the trip, running errands, completing house chores, attending meetings and catching up with friends, I keep feeling like there just isn’t enough time.

Of course, I can’t complain. We’ve been having a lot of fun! But where is Old Kelly? Old Kelly could totally pump out some work between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m., but New Kelly’s eyes grow heavy at 10, and her to-do list continues to grow.

I hate it when people talk in the third person, haha. My apologies. ;)

Every August, I start yearning for a schedule. Which is weird, because in the months leading up to summer break, all I can think about is lounging on the beach, taking big trips and spending my days wandering the city in sundresses and sandals. Now, though, I’m dreaming of productive mornings, afternoons at coffee shops, accomplished to-do lists, and weekends spent at home.

Anyone with me?

At the same time, I don’t want to wish away the summer. As a Chicagoan (finally starting to feel like one!), I need to soak up every bit of warmth to prepare for colder months ahead.

UGH. How quickly I forget. I take it all back. Summer, please don’t go!

But back to the main points of this post:

  1. My camera kicked the bucket while taking these photos. (Oh my goodness. I’m being so dramatic, haha.) It was struggling throughout the shoot, with every other photo coming out completely black, and then it was gone. RIP, Little Nikon. Thanks for all the memories, and for hanging on until the last day of our trip. That’s a wrap!
  2. I’m in love with Vineyard Vines’ “Stow & Go” Raincoat. (Also available here in the striped version!)

Yes, I realize it’s August, but this summer has been a weird one, weather-wise! As I’m typing this, it’s in the low 60s in Chicago, but it was sweltering just a few days ago. Likewise, we had some REALLY hot days during our time in Ocean City, and then some chilly ones.

I’m pretty sure I’ve made it clear that I’m a summer girl through-and-through. Every once in a while, though, it’s nice to feel cozy, especially on the Shore. I love sinking my feet into the cool sand, eating clam chowder on the docks, and watching the sun sink into the bay at dusk–all while bundled up in a comfy sweatshirt or windbreaker.

The “Stow & Go,” while designed to be a raincoat, has quickly become my favorite windbreaker, too. It’s an essential for those chillier nights, and it’s also been perfect for strolls along the lake back in Chicago. (Oh, the Windy City.) I love its navy blue color and light pink detailing, and that it’s lightweight, breathable and flattering. (For reference, this jacket runs true-to-size. I wear a size 0 or XS in most brands, and I took a size XS in this!)

Oh! And its hood helps to tame my tangle-prone locks in the salty breeze!

A must-have for any New Englander or Chicagoan. ;)

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