cwonder 2

I’m taking a mini outfit post break today, as–let’s be serious–there’s no way I’m taking my coat off in this weather. (Brrr!) I’m also having a ridiculously crazy week at school. Is it Friday yet?! (My parents are coming into the city for the whole weekend, and I’m beyond excited. I plan on documenting its entirety, so get yourself prepared for a whole lot of family photos.)

Anywho, something that brightened my otherwise stressful day:

Today, Kelly in the City was featured on “Inside the C.,” C.Wonder’s adorable blog! I’m honored that my photo is alongside some of my favorite bloggers, such as Kat, Jessica, Carly and Jen. (Just to name a few. They’re all great!) I adore C.Wonder (hello, happy vibes), so I’m kind of like, “What?! Thankyouthankyouthankyou; I’m so touched.” Maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that, but whatever. There you have it. ;)

Hey, Mom. Let’s totally hit up the C.Wonder in SoHo this weekend, okay? xoxo

Stay warm, Fashionistas!

C. Wonder 3