Preppy Girls Room - Lucy on the floor of her pink room, showing the decoration progress

If you missed this earlier post about plans for Lucy’s room, we still have a way to go. But we made some major progress last week, and I wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek of what we’ve done so far– especially the bedding selections!

One of our favorite parts of our new house is the fact that it’s super conducive to having guests. Mitch and I live far from our families, and we LOVE the size of the girls’ rooms. For example, they have their own bathrooms and enough space to fit queen beds. We’ve had both sets of parents stay at the same time and no problem! It’s a dream come true, it’s a ton of fun, and it’s made being away from home a lot easier.

In terms of the design for Lucy’s room, we had it wallpapered shortly after we did Emma’s, and then we moved on to bedding! I was beyond excited to link up with our long-term partner The Company Store for this part of the project… and I almost immediately fell in love with the brand’s Putnam Matelassé and Willow Cotton Sateen collections. Again, I still have a lot to do for the room, but things really look like they’re coming together, and that’s largely due to the gorgeous bedding!

The bedding products we went with:

Legends Willow Duvet Cover, Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Cases and Euro Shams: I really wanted pink bedding for Lucy’s room, but I thought there was no way I’d ever find something that matched the wallpaper. The “Rose Quartz” color is a perfect match. Both Mitch and I agree that it looks like it was made for the room!

Lately, I’ve been really into the whole matchy-matchy trend.  This is where most of the bedding is in the same print.  I think the “Willow” collection is excellent for that. I also can’t get over the quality! The 400-thread count makes it feel soft and luxurious, and the sateen finish is lovely for these warmer months.

Putnam Matelassé Coverlet, Standard Shams and Decorative Pillow: This collection reminds me of my Grammie and her impeccable, timeless style. Some of the bedding that she has in her home looks like this, and I’ve always loved how crisp and clean it looks in her rooms. I also think it’s great that even if we decide to switch out the duvet cover down the line, the coverlet, shams and decorative pillow will go with whatever else we choose. So versatile and classic that we’ll likely have it forever! (It’s also STURDY, by the way. Incredibly thick and well-made!)

Putnam Matelassé Bed Skirt: Too funny, but I thought I had this in my cart and apparently did not. Clearly, we need a bed skirt on the bed. I’m thinking about this one because it complements the coverlet, shams and decorative pillow very nicely! The best thing about bed skirts?! The extra under-the-bed storage they allow for. ;)

White Bay Oversized Down Comforter: This machine-washable, hypoallergenic White Bay Down Comforter, with 600–650 fill power premium European white down, is the BEST. (We actually have them on all three of our beds!) While it comes in a standard size, it also comes in “oversized,” and it’s magical. It’s great if you ever plan on putting a duvet cover because it completely fills out the cover.

Anyone else get super annoyed that comforters rarely do this, leaving bedding looking sloppy?!

It also comes in a variety of warmth levels: “Super Light,” “Light,” “Medium,” and “Extra”. Any guesses as to which I went for? 😜 All jokes aside, it’s the perfect size and the warmest thing on the planet. And because of its 300-thread count combed cotton sateen shell, it’s crazy soft. Two thumbs up from all members of the Larkin Family!

Waterproof Mattress Pad: We also have this 400-Thread Count Waterproof Cotton Top Mattress Pad on all three of our beds, and we love it. It has a little bit of padding but not too much. Also, it is topped with waterproof protective fabric that doesn’t crinkle or make any sounds whatsoever. For a long time, I assumed that a mattress pad would sound like one of those floral grandma couches from the 1950s covered with plastic. But not even close. We don’t notice they’re on the beds! Certainly a winner. :)

Down Euro Pillows and Best Down Pillows: The Company Store’s “Best Down Pillow” is completely customizable, which is really nice. But overall, I just love how both the euro and standard sizes feel so luxurious. They stay poofy while they’re on the bed, but you sink into them–in the best possible way–when you get under the covers. :) Good pillows are worth it.

Other products:

“Pink Lady” Chunky Loop Bath Rug, Cotton Turkish Bath Towels and Cotton Turkish Hand Towels: Made of 620-gram cotton, these 100-percent Turkish towels are beautiful, and they add such a girly touch to Lucy’s blue bathroom. (The plan is to wallpaper it in a floral print soon, which the towels will also complement!) Everything is amazingly soft, and stepping onto that mat when you get out of the shower? A dream. (I’ve showered in there several times because we’ve had workers in our master.) I think the little loops add a cute childlike touch, too!

Swiss Dot Percale Crib Sheet in “Bubblegum”: Lucy won’t be sleeping in her room for another few months at this point, but I love that we’re getting everything ready for that! I kind of went a little overboard with Emma’s nursery at the old house, and wanted to tone it back this time. With Emma, I somehow forgot that babies turn into kids VERY quickly, and had to redecorate pretty quickly.

With Lucy, I’m hoping this room stands the test of time and that she’ll be able to grow into it, too. :) The percale crib sheet really complements both the bedding on the queen as well as the wallpaper, and I love how simple and classic it looks. (Amazingly affordable, too!)

Okay. On to the “in progress” tour!

Preppy Girls Room - A white crib with pink and white stripped wallpaper
Preppy Girls Room - A monkey stuffed animal in a baby crib
A sleeping Lucy in her pink baby chair
Preppy Girls Room - Lucy's pink and white bedding
White pillows on pink bed sheets
Birds-eye-view of white pillows on pink sheeds
Preppy Girls Room - A white chandelier with a white roof and wallpapered walls
A sideview of bedding, white pillows on pink sheets
Preppy Girls Room - Pink Hunter rain-boots on a white dresser
Floral and pink pastel bedsheets
Monogrammed pink towels with the name Lucy
Preppy Girls Room - Pink bathmat contrasted by a black tiled floor and a white toilet and white bathtub
Pink bathmat
Side view of Lucy's pink and white baby room
Lucy in her pink crib, smiling at the camera

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Legends Willow Duvet Cover, Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Cases and Euro Shams / Putnam Matelassé Coverlet, Standard Shams and Decorative Pillow / Putnam Matelassé Bed Skirt / White Bay Oversized Down Comforter / Waterproof Mattress Pad / Down Euro Pillows and Best Down Pillows / “Pink Lady” Chunky Loop Bath Rug, Cotton Turkish Bath Towels and Cotton Turkish Hand Towels / Swiss Dot Percale Crib Sheet in “Bubblegum” / Other Room Details Here

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