Charming Charlie Sweater Tank, Bag, Booties, Earrings and Bangle c/o / Similar Cardigan (Also available here) / Daniel Wellington Watch c/o / Similar Sunglasses / Hudson Jeans (But #omg. I just got these jeans and they’ve CHANGED MY LIFE. They run TTS.)

Every few days, I spend two to three hours at a nearby coffee shop. It usually happens between 6 and 9 p.m., and I have to say: it’s glorious. I wear my favorite comfy-yet-amazing clothing; order my favorite pumpkin coffee (not PSL, because that makes my stomach churn); and settle into a window seat to pound out as many emails and contracts and drafts and photo editing sessions as humanly possible.

I love being a mom. I really, really do. I love it more than I ever thought I’d love it. Still, I do enjoy sneaking away a few times per week and doing something somewhat professional while the sounds of the coffee shop–so many creatives working, and so many fall-themed drinks brewing–float around me. While it’s technically “work,” it’s also a little break.

I’m simply the kind of person who needs little breaks. Breaks from whatever I’m doing a lot of. Do you know what I mean? It can be from anything: from going out, from “mommying,” from working, from traveling… from whatever. And when I come back from my coffee shop sessions, I’m an even better mom than I was before. :)

Anyway, I wore this look to the coffee shop this past Thursday. I always dress casually, but I like to look as put-together as possible, as this somehow makes me more productive. (Anyone else?!) I’m going to do a full post on this soon, but I recently purchased these jeans and they have changed my LIFE. I know. They’re expensive. But they’re on sale, and take it from me: they’re worth it. I’m going to do a full post on them soon, but they’re the softest jeans I’ve ever owned, they minimize the muffin top like crazy (even for people who JUST had babies and who are struggling to lose the stomach weight), and they look amazing with ankle booties. No, I’m not wearing them in these photos. But I will be wearing them in SO many upcoming posts!

I also wore my gear from the StyleWatch X Charming Charlie collection. I am crazy about this no-itch turtleneck sweater tank and these navy booties. (Any #navyornothing girls out there who have a hard time finding cute navy booties?!) The wine-colored bag is so on trend right now (look at me!), and the navy studs definitely remind me of designer earrings. Without a doubt, I was ridiculously productive during my coffee shop session, and I owe a lot of it to Charming Charlie! :)

In other news, have we noticed that my style is changing a bit?! I think some of it has to do with my friends–Jess, Shaheen and Blair influence me so much, as I truly admire their styles and adore them as humans–and then part of it is because the whole jeans/sweater/booties thing is so much easier for this mom-on-the-go.

While this is all new to me, I like it. I’ll always love my blazers and loafers and plaid shirts and cable-knit sweaters, but I sure do love the comfy-cozy (and super easy) looks, too.

And now, off to Winnekta for the perfect fall day!