Kids Mini Sling Lauren’s Stripe Chairs / Adult 2-Piece Chairs / Umbrella / Tote Bag (Size Large, Long Handles — Fits under a plane seat!) / $15 Towels / Beach Toys / Swim Vest / Girls’ Hats (How cute is this Target version?!) / Girls’ Jack Rogers (Lucy loves these!) / Water Bottle / Micro SD Card Waterproof Speaker / Oversized Backpack

Quick post today, but I wanted to highlight the awesome Business & Pleasure beach gear sale going on right now. I took advantage as we didn’t have gear down in Rosemary, and I cried happy tears when the setup arrived. Poor Mitch, yes, but let’s be serious: He. Just. Doesn’t. Notice. He happily sits in his pink chair and probably thinks it’s tan or something. That, or he’s just the most phenomenal husband/girl dad ever. 😆

Anyway, WOW.

Until now, we’d never owned quality beach gear. What a difference it makes! Normally the girls get a little antsy after a few hours, but I swear we stayed all day because they loved our little “campsite” so much! Mitch and I both have these very small two-piece chairs, which have a teeny footprint when folded. They aren’t lounge chairs, that’s for sure. But I really don’t know many parents who are able to lounge at the beach, haha. They’re perfect for us! (Looking for lounge chairs? Try the adult sling chairs! The white is my fave.)

And I couldn’t help myself with the girls’ scalloped sling chairs. They’re SO comfy, and I can actually sit in them too. (I kind of wish I’d gotten myself one, actually!) Lucy loves cozying up in her sling chair with her towel and Kindle. All kid and adult chairs come with a lovely carrying strap. I store them in this cute oversized backpack, which is actually a laundry bag but works wonderfully.

I’ll also say that in addition to sand toys and watercolors for shell painting, this speaker is a game-changer in terms of keeping kids entertained. It is a bluetooth speaker, but you can also load MP3s onto it via a Micro SD card. Which means kids can wander away from your phone yet still listen and dance to their favorite songs. AND you can put it on the handlebar of your stroller, wagon or bike!

I’ll be sure to get an Instagram video together soon and share here as well!