Best White Jeans / Newer Striped Shirt / Cable-Knit Cardigan / Flats / Backpack / Mom’s Beach Sweater (Not exact, but so cute! And this one is very close), Coach Bag (It’s old, but this is my favorite Coach bag on the market, and it’s on Amazon!), Jeans (Factory version here) and Flats

Don’t worry. I cut my hair immediately after this photo was taken. YIKES. 😆

Anyone else’s hair a complete disaster when in the south? The chop definitely helped, but right after I leave the house, it looks like I walked through a wind tunnel, haha. OH WELL.

Anywho, here are 10 snaps from my phone!

I get asked a lot whether January/February is a good time to visit Rosemary Beach. I personally love coming any time of year, but it’s important to know that there are lots of days that start in the 40s but then warm up to the 60s… with a sprinkling of days that hit 70. It’s definitely not hot, but as you can see here, few people are in puffers, haha. Mitch says it’s his ideal weather. :)

American Flag Sweater (No longer available in light blue, but I love the navy… and the beige cropped, too!) / Lululemon Bag / Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt (This is my fave for women!)

The girls were desperate to go swimming, so we walked over to the pool a few days ago. We warned Lucy, but she jumped in. And then screamed and was like, “THIS IS NOT HOW I REMEMBER IT!” It was adorable. She and her sister spent the rest of the day playing tea party and putting on concerts on the pool steps—in their bathing suits, of course, willing it to be summer. The rest of us wore sweaters. 😆

I love their conversations. In the last few weeks, Lucy’s language and thoughts have exploded, and she has so much to say! It’s incredible to listen to her stories, feelings and ideas. The best is when she bursts into a room and goes, “A few things! First…” She’s blossoming. Sweet Girl, you are a diamond.

Mango Sweatshirt (The girls are obsessed with them!)

Her teacher calls her a “Fournager.” It’s the perfect description for Miss Luce!

Oh, and I really need to hand it to my Fournager. Because she prefers Emma’s hand-me-downs to new clothes. As the girls are only 2.5 years apart, some pieces work for Lucy right after Emma outgrows them. And Lucy is so proud to tell people “Emma grew out of this but I grew into it.”

I hit the jackpot, haha.

Noodle relaxing in bed after her first flight! I can’t believe we did it. We flew with her in this airline-approved dog backpack. It’s seriously the only one that meets the requirements, and it was fabulous. Noodle’s ticket cost $50 and we flew Allegiant. She was definitely nervous when we first got on the plane but calmed down immediately when we tucked her in using one of our puffer coats and one of Lucy’s many stuffies she brought on board. And she LOVED security and walking through the airport! (I later learned that technically only service animals are allowed to walk through Chicago airport, but all airport staff seemed delighted to see her, haha. So IDK.)

American Flag Sweater (I love the navy… and the beige cropped, too!) / Sneakers / Jeans / Emma’s Cardigan (Newer), Sweatpants, Jack Rogers and Tank (Newer)

Lucy elected to play board games with Gamma and Pa one afternoon while Mitch and I took Emma into town. Emma was giddy about the one-on-one time! She asked to get “coffee” (steamed milk) and visit the bookstore. I felt like Lorelei.

Florence Eiseman Swimsuit

One of the best parts of our trip was that Lucy was able to hang out with one of her best friends for two days! I can’t tell you how happy she was. The girls played for an afternoon at the pool and then visited a dance club for kids (The Big Chill) and danced their little hearts out for hours. I’ve never seen a kid fall asleep faster!

Emma’s Cardigan (Newer), Sweatpants, Jack Rogers and Tank (Newer)

Ah yes, there’s Rory Gilmore. And her hot dog dog.

Lululemon Align Leggings / Lululemon Belt Bag / Sneakers / Patagonia Jacket Because I’m a Wimp (Navy and Grey on sale here!) / Girls’ Backpacks (On sale!)

I’m so happy for my parents that they found their paradise. Thank you for having us, Mom and Dad! ♥️