1. Scalloped mini skirt / 2. Silver oxfords / 3. White fleece / 4. Scalloped navy bag / 5. Scalloped royal blue dress / 6. Black booties / 7. Black booties with brown straps /  8. Leather skirt / 9. Merino collared sweater / 10. Brown patterned tote / 11. Brown oxfords with gold caps

Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping in SoHo, like we usually do every couple of months. I love shopping with Mom. I mean, we have a ball while doing it, and… we’re good at it. We’ve been practicing for something like 25 years, after all! ;)

Highlight of the day (besides countless laughs with Mom) was finding this cork bag for $44! I’d lusted after it in Nantucket for my bachelorette this past May, but restrained myself. And then it went out of stock… And then I found it in the super, super sale section! Mom got one, too. ;)

While out and about, I fell deeply in love with a few products. Of course, none of these things came home with me. (Recovering from the wedding, haha!) But a girl can dream, right?!

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by, a social shopping site that helps fashionistas find products that they can’t seem to locate on their own. Users can easily upload photos that they find on the web to the site’s community, and style hunters can either find the exact items that are featured, or suggest similar items if the products are no longer available. Super fun, and super easy!