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Patagonia Vest

During most fall days, I’m in jeans, a flannel shirt and loafers. (Side note: My friend Carly G. found this pair of scalloped loafers and I’m swooning!) I do change for social stuff… but I’m happiest in this super easy uniform. And what I like most about it is that the “look” gets a zillion times warmer when I throw on a vest.

Vests seem to be hit or miss every year. This year, though, they brought it. ;) So here are the best, preppiest vests for 2017:

Without a doubt, this is my absolute favorite vest of the year. It’s going to go with all my plaid shirts, haha, and it’s crazy soft and cozy. In case you’re wondering about sizing, I went with the medium. I normally wear a size small in Patagonia, but I wanted the extra length. I’ll try to get photos up on the blog this week, but going up the full size totally fixed that problem! (For reference, I’m somewhere between 5’4 and 5’5 & 105 and 110 pounds.) It comes in a few other colors, too.

GAH! This vest is a close second. It totally looks like an old school Patagonia, yet it’s L.L.Bean, which makes me love it even more.

The herringbone vest is back. This is a classic, and it’s so cute with a white sweater or long-sleeved tee underneath. I’ve had mine for years and couldn’t recommend it more. I often wear it out at night during the winter because it’s that cute!

Another classic, and one that I reach for again and again. It’s a bit more polished than the first and second (rather outdoorsy) vests I posted, so I reach for this one when I’m trying to class up my look. ;)

HUGE fan of utility vests. I pretty much only wear mine with navy and white striped tees, but I can’t tell you how many compliments on my utility vest!

The “Better Sweater” vest is another favorite. (Go one size up.) I’m just now starting to realize how crazy I sound, however, considering I’m only on vest #7 and we have 13 more to go. But let’s keep going…

Ralph Lauren is the king of the preppy quilted vest. I have a jacket that looks very much like this vest, and I’m a huge fan. Makes you look like you ride horses. I’m personally terrified of horses, but I wish I rode them. ;)

My favorite vest also comes in a bunch of other colors. I probably couldn’t handle the white one on account of my one-year-old daughter and her current obsession with peanut butter, but if you live a cleaner lifestyle, DO IT. ;) Again, I’d recommend going up one full size for the length.

Another great utility vest! Haven’t tried this one but love that it doesn’t have breast pockets. Much simpler!

So classy.

Haven’t tried these vests, but I’ve been swooning over them for a couple of years now.

Reminds me of the J.Crew Excursion vest, but what a great fall color!

Sail to Sable is the queen of fall, and I love that the company came out with a line of vests this year. The suede?! So cute.

I used to have a leopard coat but I unloaded it because it seemed to overwhelm my frame. This, though, looks like a great solution! As Jenna Lyons once said, leopard is a neutral and goes with everything. ;)

I’ve been after the perfect faux fur vest for a long time now, and I adore this one.

Holy preppiness. Love everything about this one! Why can’t it always be fall?! ;)

A super cute alternative to the Excursion vest.

Last but not least, Barbour has some awesome vests out this year. I love this one, but I also love the Cavalry and the Beadnell. The Beadnell is actually a liner for the Beadnell jacket — and there’s an even warmer version. They can be used as standalone vests, and I HIGHLY recommend them for the Beadnell jackets if you live in a colder climate.