Recent Finds 1/28 | bebe it's cold outside mug

Schitt’s Creek Mug

MADE IT. What do you guys have planned for the weekend? I think Mitch is going out with Neal tonight (so cute), the girls and I are doing movie night, my in-laws are coming tomorrow, and we have swim lessons on Sunday. With any hope, we take down the garland and lights at some point, too, but I give that a low likelihood. 😉

Also, today is my cousin Annie’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNIE! We love you!

Here are this week’s Recent Finds:

I’ve had my eye on this black vase for a while now. It’s one of PB’s best-sellers!

I am in LOVE with these chairs, specifically in the color “Performance Heathered Tweed Pebble.”

Really good faux fiddle leaf fig trees!

These Factory jeggings are favorites. They’re super warm and soft, but they totally look like regular jeans. TTS.

Little touches of Valentine’s Day!

The blue striped Royal Shirt Dress is my most-worn dress, with the black version coming in at a close second. But how about this new pattern?! So pretty.

I’m going nowhere warm anytime soon, but these are beautiful.

And this!

Emerson Fry makes some of my favorite summer dresses, but loving this one which would work for year-round wear.

This is THE dress.

So many great patterns to choose from.

So pretty!

This is readers’ most-loved rug from our home!

If anyone is in the market for great boots, these are the Bean Boots I wear throughout the winter! I can’t tell you how toasty they are, and the leather is so much more flexible than other styles.

Really obsessed with bow-front furniture these days.

This cozy sweater is on sale. So many colors!

Have you tried the Always Pan yet? It’s pretty life-changing. The idea is that you can totally get by with just one pan because this one can do it all. Non-stick, too. I love ours!

These velvet skinny pants come in many colors and look insanely warm.

Sezane makes the prettiest sweaters.

This is my fave.

This one is 100-percent cotton for the wool haters out there.

TARGET! Well done.

Sail to Sable ric rac dresses always get me.

This is one of Amazon’s top-selling sweaters. Doesn’t it look like $100+?! It’s reportedly very soft.

My sister-in-law, Kim, found these sunglasses on Amazon for only $15. I ordered them and they’re GREAT. So much more affordable than the Ray-Ban version!

Favorite J.Crew blazer. I just adore the cut. I normally wear a size 2 in J.Crew blazers but went up to a size 4 in this one.

I’ve had these for a few years and adore them. They’re so soft and floppy—in the best way.

These are the Madewell Jeans I’m always raving about, made with Tencel, which makes them extra soft. SO. FLATTERING.

Our living room leather Chesterfield couch is back! We’ve had it now for 2.5 years, and can’t say enough about it. Zero scratches, and we have two kids and a crazy dog!

I recently bought this for our living room. :) ChappyWrap makes my favorite blankets, and I was looking for a neutral one for that space. Really excited! I’ve been spending a lot of time cuddled up by the fire at night, so can’t wait for it to arrive.

Too much $, but SO CUTE for a kids’ bedroom or playroom.

Love this one, too.

I love using little woven boxes for shelf decor. Obviously works at storage, too. These are such a great deal!

SWOON. I have similar ones on our living room shelves.

Isn’t this stunning? I love it in “Terrain.”

Target has been killin’ it lately. This chair is beautiful.

I’ve been drawn to crisp white throw pillows lately. We have an older version of this very affordable one!

My sister-in-law is searching for mirrors for her new home right now, so of course I’m been researching, too. ;) We recently found this one for only $80!

Another awesome Target find.

Reporting back to say that these Uggs are just as great as people say they are. Because of the heel, I’ve even worn them out to dinner! (In the black.) Listen, we do what we can to get by here. ;)

Everyone has and loves the J.Crew navy striped boatneck tee, but I’ve obsessed with the new taupe color!

These feature soft and floppy leather, too. No more blisters.

These tanks are go-to’s for me. They’re washable silk!

The honeycomb sweater is now available in COTTON. (Meaning it’s no longer an arm and a leg.)

Is this not the most beautiful spring/summer dress? Swoon. Those bows!

Ooooh. New color! (This jacket is SO flattering. I wore mine all fall this year!)

Springy pattern in a cozy knit. That’s what I like to see!

Oh WOW. This is lovely.

Factory’s best pajamas—featuring a soft knit—are on major sale!