Lilly Pulitzer Little Girls Clothing | 10 Things 9/13

Lilly Pulitzer Little Girls’ Clothing on Sale! / Mini Jack Rogers / Amazon Rainbow Tulle Dress / Huarache Sandals / Happy Birthday Ribbon / Butcher Paper (Makes wrapping so easy!)


  • We celebrated Lucy’s best friend Harper over the weekend! Wow. Gretchen and James nailed this. Harper’s been really into carnivals lately, so they rented a bounce house and got a face painter, and set it all up in our neighborhood park. The kids were in HEAVEN. Seriously—core memories made. I’m going to try to put together a little video of the day because it was just so, so special. Oh, and cutest story ever: Harper loves Noodle, so we got her this Noodle stuffie. The brand name—Douglas—was printed on the tag, so Harper was like, “Oh, his name is Douglas.” So now it’s Douglas the dachshund. Can you even? Happy birthday, Harps! We love you!

  • The Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale is on. Whoa. That snuck up on me. Sadly, most of the kids’ stuff sold out almost immediately, but I’ve included some of my women’s favorites above! The sale will go through the 14th.
  • We spent a morning at the Lincoln Park Farmer’s Market. Man. I want to make this a weekend tradition! It was just perfect. Mitch rode Emma over on his bike, and I walked Lucy and Noodle. We did one big loop around the market, and then grabbed a baguette and some cookies and sat in the square listening to the live music. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon.
  • It downpoured for much of Sunday, so Emma had a friend over and Mitch and I took the opportunity to work on the house. The kids had the time of their lives putting on performances in the basement with the new gymnastics mat and balance beam, and we accomplished all the things. Working on the house is one of our favorite things to do since we get to spend time together and laugh while improving functionality for our family. (See below for everything we did.)
  • We’ve been struggling with temper tantrums, but made some real progress over the weekend. Lucy has the best teacher. She suggested not reacting to the tantrums, and when all is (mostly) calm, to say, “Let’s use our words.” I mean, this is something I’ve of course tried—but it never worked. Until now. Maybe it’s because she’s hearing it in her classroom, too?! Granted, the tantrums have not disappeared. But they’ve improved, for sure. This too shall pass. Until then, though, I’ll be over here pulling my hair out. 😜
  • Amazon Finds:
  • I’m finally working on city/travel guides! My big hangup was, for sure, not having a format for them. But I worked with my web developer to put something together, and I think it’s going to be really fun—and relatively easy! Stay tuned. I have a lot to publish.
  • I found the cutest company that makes carriers and coats for dachshunds. Finding gear for dachshunds is tough, as they’re VERY long. The owner of this company, however, actually owns a a dachshund, and therefore you can select “dachshund” for sizing options. A niche need, yes, haha. But one I definitely have! Very excited.

  • Here are some fall style products I’ve had my eye on lately. 😉 Some I’ve owned and loved for a while and others are new finds!
  • I found the perfect affordable yet beautiful Barbie furniture for the girls’ doll house that they’re getting for Christmas. So interesting: most dollhouse furniture is on a 1/12 scale, but Barbie furniture is on a 1/6 scale. The 1/12 stuff is very easy to find, but 1/6—not so much. And what’s out there is typically very, very expensive. (We’re talkin’ $60 for a silly couch! No thank you.) But I found the best alternative: vintage wicker furniture from the 1970s, which is all over eBay. I got ours for $12! And it’s way cuter than that ridiculous $60 couch.
  • One Home Project Every Day:
    • WE FINISHED THE GARAGE CLEAN-OUT! It’s been three years in the making. What a disaster it used to be! I will say that it’s still not pretty; it certainly needs some TLC. (Built in the 1950s, I think?) But we probably donated, sold or threw out over 50 percent of its contents—maybe more!—and everything that remains now has a home. No more tripping over stuff! My end goal is to one day do something like this, though Mitch laughed in my face when I showed him that. ;)
    • I organized our under-the-sink kitchen cabinet with these containers. Again, everything needs a home. One container for paper towels, one for sponges, one for reusable bags, and one for trash bag refills. Looks great and works a lot better, too.
    • Mitch sold some old speakers on Facebook Marketplace and then bought and set up an old school video gaming system, also on Facebook Marketplace, for the girls. I’m sure he’ll tell you about this soon, as there’s no way I could possibly articulate what he’s done. But it’s really cool! The girls spent an hour playing Mario on Sunday. Cute bonding experience for fathers and their daughters.
    • I framed some old sentimental photographs with these magic $12.99 frames, which are back in stock (and on sale, actually). I had a few loose photos in my desk, and recently I was like, “You know what? If I’m not trashing these, then they’re special enough to go into frames.” The ones of my dad and me at a pumpkin patch outside of Plattsburgh Air Force Base and of Grammie and me on our back porch on Long Island are my favorites.
    • I did all the laundry on Sunday. BOOM. Okay, fine. There’s still one Oreo-stained white dress in the wash basin but whatever. For all intents and purposes, I did it.
    • We moved the basement carbon monoxide detector for the girls’ safety. Did you know that if you have small children who play in the basement by themselves, you should consider moving the carbon monoxide detector to their height? It makes so much sense but I’d never even thought of it before! Thank you to our friend Thomas for telling us how important this is.
    • We moved some old planters to the front of the house. These were in the garage, too. What use is storing planters? So I got them out there!