Happy Anniversary

Kelly in the City Wedding-221

Dear Mitch,

July 20th will always be the happiest day of the year for me because it’s the day I married you. Today, I want you to know that I’m still just as crazy in love with you as I was when we were first pronounced husband and wife, and that I truly love you more and more with each passing day. You’re my best friend, my “trenches” partner, and my whole world. And I’m so incredibly grateful for you.

To me, you are perfect. (And let’s just go ahead and forget that I stole that line from a movie.) You have the biggest heart in the world. You care more about family than anything. You’re unbelievably selfless. You’re adventurous. You’re adorable and handsome and charming–and don’t know it. You’re sweet. You’re thoughtful. You’re absolutely hilarious. You’re generous. You’re humble. You’re determined. You’re so smart, and continue to impress me with your interests and ideas and inventions. You’re always looking to better yourself. You’re optimistic. You’re hardworking and driven. You’re appreciative. You’re supportive. You’re honest. You’re creative. You’re SO much fun. You’re willing and open. You’re understanding. You’re loving. You’re passionate and compassionate.

And you’re mine. How did I get to be so lucky?

Mitch, thank you for giving me a life I never even dreamed of having. For filling every day with laughter and joy, and for being my rock. As hokey as this sounds, it’s such an honor to be your wife. Never in a million years did I think I’d end up with such a good man. I’m so proud of you, of the life we’ve built together, and of our hopes and dreams. (How wonderful is it that so many of those hopes and dreams are becoming realities?!) I also can’t wait to start the next chapter with you.

Of course, I’m sure we won’t be able to celebrate tonight. Per usual, I’ll come down with some ailment, which will undoubtedly prevent us from making our dinner reservation. Or maybe this year I’ll make things extra exciting and just go into labor! ;)

But anniversaries aren’t about dinners, flowers and gifts. They’re about us, and reflection and appreciation and love.

To the amazing years we’ve had, and to those to come.

I love and adore you, Mitch.


Kelly in the City Wedding-39Kelly in the City Wedding-52Kelly in the City Wedding-35 Kelly in the City Wedding-36Kelly in the City Wedding-54 Kelly in the City Wedding-40 Kelly in the City Wedding-41 Kelly in the City Wedding-42Kelly in the City Wedding-53 Kelly in the City Wedding-43 Kelly in the City Wedding-44 Kelly in the City Wedding-45Kelly in the City Wedding-55 Kelly in the City Wedding-46 Kelly in the City Wedding-47Kelly in the City Wedding-57 Kelly in the City Wedding-48Kelly in the City Wedding-56Kelly in the City Wedding-61 Kelly in the City Wedding-34Kelly in the City Wedding-62Kelly in the City Wedding-64Kelly in the City Wedding-71Kelly in the City Wedding-58Kelly in the City Wedding-67Kelly in the City Wedding-75Kelly in the City Wedding-85Kelly in the City Wedding-86Kelly in the City Wedding-90Kelly in the City Wedding-93Kelly in the City Wedding-105Kelly in the City Wedding-112Kelly in the City Wedding-120Kelly in the City Wedding-137Kelly in the City Wedding-205Kelly in the City Wedding-142Kelly in the City Wedding-145Kelly in the City Wedding-146Kelly in the City Wedding-148Kelly in the City Wedding-149Kelly in the City Wedding-124Kelly in the City Wedding-132Kelly in the City Wedding-400Kelly in the City Wedding-160Kelly in the City Wedding-167Kelly in the City Wedding-168Kelly in the City Wedding-171Kelly in the City Wedding-172Kelly in the City Wedding-174Kelly in the City Wedding-175Kelly in the City Wedding-178Kelly in the City Wedding-182Kelly in the City Wedding-183Kelly in the City Wedding-184Kelly in the City Wedding-185Kelly in the City Wedding-189Kelly in the City Wedding-188Kelly in the City Wedding-193Kelly in the City Wedding-195Kelly in the City Wedding-197Kelly in the City Wedding-162Kelly in the City Wedding-199Kelly in the City Wedding-200Kelly in the City Wedding-201Kelly in the City Wedding-202Kelly in the City Wedding-209Kelly in the City Wedding-210Kelly in the City Wedding-212Kelly in the City Wedding-213Kelly in the City Wedding-214Kelly in the City Wedding-215Kelly in the City Wedding-216Kelly in the City Wedding-219Kelly in the City Wedding-220Kelly in the City Wedding-226Kelly in the City Wedding-227Kelly in the City Wedding-230Kelly in the City Wedding-231Kelly in the City Wedding-245Kelly in the City Wedding-246Kelly in the City Wedding-247Kelly in the City Wedding-256Kelly in the City Wedding-266Kelly in the City Wedding-265Kelly in the City Wedding-289Kelly in the City Wedding-268Kelly in the City Wedding-267Kelly in the City Wedding-301Kelly in the City Wedding-292

Photos by Hello Gorgeous Photography

  • Lori-Ann French Holbrook

    So sweet! Happy Anniversary!!!

  • miranda brahja

    Kelly & Mitch , Happy Anniversary both of you. So cute and sweet, Your words make me cry, belive me Kelly. You are the perfect woman maried with the perfect man ,for sure god loves you very much . You deserve each other.

  • Mary Fremeau

    Happy anniversary! I love this post! I love seeing your wedding shots, too! You were a gorgeous bride!!! :)

  • I LOVE this post! Happy Anniversary to you both and how exciting would it be if you went into labor today, too?! Gorgeous photos.

  • Happy anniversary! Your wedding was beautiful; so fun to relive it through pictures! :)

  • Alyssa Thomas

    Oh my goodness. Happy Anniversary! Looking at wedding posts these days make me bawl. We’re 45 days out from our wedding right now and I’m just beside myself. Wishing you years and years of happiness. Your love is beautiful.

  • Happy Anniversary!! I loved seeing all of your photos! <3

  • Happy Anniversary to you guys! Your wedding pics are just beyond gorgeous! Have a wonderful day celebrating!

  • Happy Anniversary!!! Beautiful photos!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  • Happy Anniversary to you and Mitch! Your letter was so sweet to read and I love, love, love your wedding pictures!


  • Happy Anniversary to you and Mitch! Your letter was so sweet to read and I love, love, love your wedding pictures!


  • Maya McDonald

    YOU TWO! One of my favorite couples and future kick-ass parents! <3 you two and congrats! xx

  • Stephanie

    This is beautiful!! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  • This is SO sweet. Happy Anniversary!!

  • This is SO sweet. Happy Anniversary!!

  • Erin Knoll MacMinn

    Lovely wedding! I have been to that venue before for a work conference and remember remarking that it would be a beautiful place to get married! Beach weddings are fantastic, especially if there’s nostalgia to the area (we got married in Cape May)! Nothing beats a classic beach wedding photo!