J.Crew Factory's Festive Sale

Bow Coat / Ruffled Flannel Shirt / Newer Pearl Necklace

If you caught my big guide to shopping J.Crew’s giant Friends & Family Sale, today we’re switching gears and highlighting some fabulous festive products to score during Factory’s big sale. While I love J.Crew just as much as the next gal, I must admit that Factory’s “preppy” selection takes the cake. Factory also frequently brings back most-loved pieces from J.Crew, sometimes many years later but sometimes sooner, too!


Anyway, Factory is currently up to 60 percent off, with an extra 20 percent off The Party Shop and an extra 40 percent off the Clearance section when you use code “SOFANCY.” Here are my picks!

Let me introduce you to J.Crew Factory’s “extra-soft yarn” collection. It’s amazingly cozy and a must this holiday season if you hate being cold but want to look cute! :)

Adorable. I believe J.Crew carried these roughly a decade ago; so fun to see them back.

Every girl needs a pair of blackwatch plaid pants.

These would make for the perfect stocking stuffer!

My most-worn necklace during the holidays. It sells out so quickly so pounce if you love it!

I’m here for all the knotted headbands.

We do a very casual New Year’s celebration with our neighbors and their kids, and I’ll likely be in jeans and this top. Sparkly yet cozy!

If you don’t already own velvet leggings, grab these. They’re great, super affordable, and they feel like sweats yet make you look fancy. A+ all around. Very soft, too!

Bah! I totally forgot to post photos on the blog of this one, but I’m obsessed with this navy cape and wear it every chance I get! Is it not the cutest?! Again, this is something that J.Crew carried years ago and Factory brought it back due to its popularity.

THE BOW COAT. The winner of today’s post.

Blackwatch plaid tissue turtleneck. Need I say more?

One of my most-worn flannels.

Now available in TARTAN. So gorgeous. And it’s flannel. You just can’t go wrong. Wear it with jeans, wear it with dress pants, wear it with skirts…

Omg. I’m a failed blogger. I shot this awesome heavyweight flannel, too, and forgot to get it up on the site. That strike kicked my butt and I’m so behind as a result, haha. BUT GO TEACHERS! Thank you for all that you do, and we’re so happy that you made some progress. <3 Anyway, I highly recommend this one. Another J.Crew classic that’s now available at Factory; I was bummed that I missed out on it years ago and was so happy to nab it in 2019! A fantastic weekend shirt/jacket. (It’s halfway. I’ve been wearing mine under my Barbour to get extra wear out of my Barbour during colder stretches!)

Another great flannel.

A fantastic wrap.

My favorite cardigan. (I think it’s actually the only one I own right now!) It’s made of that extra soft yarn I love so much.

Here it is in a puff-sleeve turtleneck version. Great for pairing with skirts and dress pants for the holidays, and it comes in a ton of colors.

Crewneck version.

Boom! It’s on its way to me and I’m so, so excited. Remember: Use code “SOFANCY” for those extra savings!