Weekend Sales

Let’s protect each other this holiday weekend! Mask up when in the vicinity of others! Stay safe. Love, Noodle

Hey guys! There are some crazy sales going on this weekend, so today’s Recent Finds will be covering that. A quick overview:

J.Crew: 70 percent off sale styles with code “GOFOURTH.” Unreal!

J.Crew Factory: 60 percent off clearance with code “SWEETSALE.” Woo-ee. Haha.

Tuckernuck: New styles added to the sale section. They’re amazing!

Nordstrom: Up to 60 percent off.

Pottery Barn: Up to 25 percent off and free shipping with code “SAVEMORE.”

Pottery Barn Kids: Up to 60 percent off during Fourth of July Sale. Use code “SUMMER” for free shipping.

Pottery Barn Teen: Up to 60 percent off during Fourth of July Sale. Use code “FIREWORKS” for free shipping.

Serena & Lily: Up to 60 percent off.

And here’s the best of the best from J.Crew, Factory + Tuckernuck:

$29.75 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Oh my gosh. I’m SO excited about this one. I have the solid version in all three colors, haha, but the stripes?! HAPPINESS. Wish I had it for tomorrow!

$29.75 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Here’s the solid! Also comes in blue and pink. The ultimate Kelly Dress, haha.

$39.75 with code “GOFOURTH.”

The beach sweater is on sale!

$39.75 with code “GOFOURTH.”

So curious about how this dress would fit. It’s no-wrinkle!

$94 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Not usually one for ruffles, but so cute. Might make an exception for this one!

$14.10 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Linen shirts are usually so much $. What a great deal! Love the color, too.

$37.50 with code “GOFOURTH.”

A fantastic everyday staple. :)

$69 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Oh goodness. They’re included in the sale. Trying to resist……

$16.80 with code “GOFOURTH.”

I may have purchased this because it’s SO PREPPY and it was only $16.80 and hello how cute would it look with a white tee?

$36.60 with code “GOFOURTH.”

The lowest price I’ve ever seen for this staple! Runs BIG. Size down.

$19.20 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Adorable! Another dress I wish I had for this weekend. Less than $20, too!

$23.70 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Cutest coverup. Can’t believe that it’s in stock!

$21 with code “GOFOURTH.”

With white jeans. You’ll look great.

$12.30 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Another perfect linen stop.

$11.70 with code “GOFOURTH.”


$53.10 with code “GOFOURTH.”

I have last year’s version of this dress and love it!

$39.90 with code “GOFOURTH.”

HOLY COW. (Have and wear all the time.)

$18 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Ohhhhhh I’ve had my eye on this one for a while!

$31.80 with code “GOFOURTH.”

HIGHLY recommend. So cute with a white tee.

$13.50 with code “GOFOURTH.”

Comes in blue, too! $13.50?!?!?

$15 with code “GOFOURTH.”

WHAT. (They’re prefect. I own ’em.)

$29.10 with code “GOFOURTH.”


$9.90 with code “GOFOURTH.”


Not on sale.


$59 with code “GOFOURTH.”

This one does too!

$16.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Button-front everything.

$19.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”


$12 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Own and love it.

$19.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Size up and they look JUST like pants! I wear them with longer tunics. They come in leopard, too.

$19.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Great everyday ruffled tank!

$39.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”


$26.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

I have this in a different print and it’s fantastic. No wrinkles.

$18 with code “SWEETSALE.”

PLEASE GET THIS. I have it in every color and have them on constant rotation. They’re AMAZING.

$18 with code “SWEETSALE.”

In green!

$18 with code “SWEETSALE.”

In black!

$18 with code “SWEETSALE.”

In pink!

$19.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Under $20 for this preppy beauty!

$24 with code “SWEETSALE.”

I look terrible in pleats but this would look beautiful on one of you. ;)

$26.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

I have this scalloped tank in so many colors!

$26.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Cutest gingham top!

$16 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Also have this one. :)

$20 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Great gingham summer dress.

$34.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”


$29.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

With white jeans all.summer.long.

$22 with code “SWEETSALE.”


$20 with code “SWEETSALE.”

This used to be carried at J.Crew! So fun that Factory brought it back.

$16 with code “SWEETSALE.”

Remember this from years ago?!

$19.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

A great remake of the Madewell top!

$19.50 with code “SWEETSALE.”

So sweet. Another no-wrinkle gem.

Oh Tuckernuck. You kill me. :)



Oh, the collar…

Great for year-round wear.

love the neckline!

These jaguars…

Love this!

Adorable top.

A bit too pricey for me but beautiful.



Another year-round dress.

Sail to Sable dress included!

Persifor has the best no-wrinkle dresses.

Could wear to a (socially distant or very small) wedding!