Emma’s Lacoste Polo (On sale!) / Emma’s Shorts

Yes: last night’s flight back to Chicago was pretty tough. (Emma threw up all over us. 😳) But we’re HOME! And with the exception of the flight, it was a really wonderful trip. We so needed a week of play, fun and sunshine… and it was awesome to spend some quality time with my parents. ❤

Answers to a few questions we’ve been getting:

Why were you in Naples? My parents are considering getting a place in Florida! This is a few years out, but they’d heard such great things about Naples and wanted to check it out. They LOVED it, and they’ve certainly found their happy place. It’s pretty perfect for them, and I have to say that aside from Key West which I’m weirdly obsessed with, it’s my favorite Florida beach town!

Will you be publishing a guide? Yes! I will warn you that it won’t be an extensive guide. We were only there for a week, and we were there with Emma. (Life moves slower with a toddler. 😉) But I’m excited to share where we stayed, where we ate and drank, and what we did.

Speaking of guides, where’s the photography guide?! BAH! My first post is done, but I’m having trouble with the backend of things because it involves video and I haven’t done video with my new site. Couldn’t pull it off before leaving for Florida, but it’s going up THIS WEEK. Pumped to kick it off, and my apologies for the delayed start!

Where are the photos from Naples? Mitch and I decided to take a TRUE vacation and not post in real time. It was amazing. I know that blogging and social media can look super easy, but for us, it takes a lot of time. Doing it while traveling has always detracted from our trips, so we lined up our posts ahead of time so we could be fully present while in Naples. Pulling that off was pretty difficult, and it took a small army, haha. (A huge thank you goes out to my in-laws for all the help!) But the verdict is out, and we’re doing it from here on out! That said, I did use Insta Stories while away, and I did take a TON of photos. Mitch insisted on taking pics of all my outfits, too. (Best Blog Husband ever, haha.) I can’t wait to go through ’em and share!

Is Naples worth visiting? YES! We loved it. It’s like the Floridian version of Nantucket. It’s the cutest, and if you live somewhere cold, get yourself there ASAP. :)

See you back here tomorrow!