1. Sweater / 2. Gloves / 3. Sunnies / 4. Jeans / 5. Tunic / 6. Bracelet / 7. Scarf / 8. Denim Jacket / 9. Embellished Sweatshirt / 10. Fair Isle Sweater

IMHO, Tuesday is the best day for online browsing. What does one really have going on during a Tuesday night? I, for one, have absolutely nothing on my agenda, as my iPhone (i.e. “electronic shopping device”) and I are required to spend most of our evening at the doctor’s office just in case I go into anaphylactic shock after getting my allergy shots. (#dork #willbethankfulinayear) Anyway, above and below are some of my faves this week! (What? Dream big, right?)