One of my favorite places to go to for style inspiration is Ralph Lauren. The brand is expensive, but the quality is amazing and sales occur frequently. Scoring deals just requires some patience and product stalking. It works, though. In the past, I’ve nabbed my favorite button-down for less than $50! (Right now, use code “RLGive14” to save 25 percent on select products and support cancer care and prevention.) I’ve also had a lot of success with recreating classic RL looks with less expensive brands. I love working with what I already have, or using sites like Polyvore and ShopStyle to find similar pieces.

Currently, my eyes are on the new fall 2014 Polo Ralph Lauren for Women Collection. HELLO, PLAID. I’m crazy about nearly all of it (see some of my favorites below), but I’m absolutely swooning over the cable-knit sweater, as I’m currently in the market for one. From what everyone tells me, Chicago winters are pretty rough… so this might be a necessity!

Oh, and did you see the coverage of Ralph Lauren’s spring 2015 show during Fashion Week? I love all the safari-inspired looks (even though my pale complexion probably couldn’t handle them), and how the brand makes use of so many bright colors. God knows by the time the winter is over we’ll all be in need of a little color! Be sure to watch the hologram show that took place in Central Park, too. So cool.

Note: the next time you’re in NYC, visit the flagship store on Fifth Ave as well as the Ralph Lauren mansions on Madison Ave… or view the photos online. They’re incredible. And huge. The Chicago flagship is pretty amazing, too. ;) It even has a restaurant!