Wisconsin Trip-1

I had the best weekend. On Friday, Mitch and I drove up to Virgin Lake in Wisconsin, where my grandmother and her husband have a cabin. (They lead the coolest life together: they split their time between Long Island, New York; West Palm Beach, Florida; and Three Lakes, Wisconsin.) My parents, who I hadn’t seen since July, flew in from the East Coast, too. I really can’t express how happy I was to see everyone! Or how happy Mom was to meet Noodle. Hysterical. ;)

The weekend was spent boating, watching football, eating at restaurants, chatting, playing with Noodle, taking in the beautiful fall foliage, relaxing on the deck, and fishing. (Oh my goodness. Mitch caught the biggest fish ever. See it here! And how funny is my dad, who’s recording the video?) What a wonderful few days. I had a rough time saying goodbye today, but my eyes are on the prize: my road trip back east is in less than a month!

Anyway, thank you so much for having us, guys. We love you!

(P.S. — Yes; I realize that most of these photos are photos of Noodle. Turns out I have an obsessive personality, haha.)

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