sick day

Hello, Friends!

The Larkin Family has been battling a bug, and we’re completely wiped out because of it.

Sick Day

To say that the last couple of days have been a struggle would be an understatement, haha. We took yesterday to recover, and it almost seems like we got sicker?! Fevers, chills, aches, exhaustion, and awful headaches. So we’re taking today and laying low as well.

Question for the more seasoned parents out there, though: When you’re deathly ill but have an active toddler to take care of, what do you do to get yourself through?! My mother-in-law graciously came up for two days to help out, which was a godsend. And Disney movies, particularly 101 Dalmatians and Moana, have been clutch. (I think our view count for Moana has to be 10 at this point. 😂) But any additional tips you have would be greatly appreciated. :)

Crossing my fingers that we turn a corner today. <3 sick day