shoppin' with mitch

Mitch here!

A week into the column and I’ve already changed the title. It turns out that when Mitch goes shoppin’ he shops at more than one store. Silly him!

Summarizing the week’s best online shopping finds isn’t easy, and I’ve asked everyone I know for help with this week’s post. Kelly did her part with a few fall-themed finds; my best buddy offered up these orthopedic house shoes, which are as old man as it gets; and I put together this form just in case you have something cool to share. We’re all Shoppin’ with Mitch together people!

Shoppin’ Pro Tip:

I’m not sure if it’s exactly a “tip,” but Amazon is a great place to buy books. We use new books as an incentive for Emma each week and buying books in person is INCREDIBLY expensive. It turns out there’s a website that’s pretty good at selling books and if you’re willing to buy used most books on Amazon, they’re basically free. To prove a point, Where the Wild Things Are is currently $1.12 plus shipping there. Let the wild rumpus begin!

These headphones are “noise-cancelling,” which means they can turn a loud room into a quiet room. And as a father of two, turning off loud noises is priority #1.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told this story here, but the first time I put these on, I just sort of stood there in the kitchen embracing the silence… and within five minutes of my solitude, Pregnant Kelly came out of nowhere yelling at me with puke in her hands. From then on, I’ve called them my Wife-Cancelling Headphones.

Vests don’t make sense. Sleeves are the antidote to cold. Removing sleeves in cold weather is honestly counterproductive. This whole vest thing is bonkers.

File this under shameless self promotion, but I’ve spent some serious time this month finalizing my new Couch Clamp Pro product and I’m proud to say it’s live! It’s a cinch!

Kelly runs about 20 degrees below room temperature, and she spends most of her free time researching warm clothes online. Her shopping cart is straight out of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post.

We just bought a car and the dealership put this lame license plate advertisement frame on the back of it. So I spent like an hour finding the perfect license plate frame because this is the kind of stuff I do now. Ten percent chance I actually attach the thing to the car.

Chunky sweater and the shortest cutoffs allowable by law. This just might be my halloween costume.

I’m a big dork and New iPhone Day is like my Christmas. This Apple leather case is the best, and Amazon has it for $10 off. It also arrived at my front door about three hours after I ordered it, which was weird.

This pullover doubles as both a cozy sweater and a polar bear halloween costume. It’s a two-fer!

Something about biking my kids around town is super appealing and I’m only about six months from pulling it off. I should note that Kelly HATES this idea but she’s asleep so she doesn’t get a vote. I’m buying this thing.

Having a garage isn’t as easy as it looks. Mine is totally filled with piles of garbage and occasionally the garbage falls over, preventing the door from closing. Luckily I got this wifi-enabled door opener which will text to remind me what a terrible homeowner I am.

Every once in while a product will show up on Amazon and sort of sweep the nation. No less than three of my friend have recommended these shoes to me and, frankly, it’s getting annoying.

Mitch. OUT!