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Last year, during our KonMari challenge, we learned that we are personally happier, more productive and more clear-minded in spaces that are inviting yet uncluttered. And over the last nine months in our new house, we’ve worked hard to create a home that embraces those two attributes. And I can’t wait to share our progress with you.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Serena & Lily, in part because the company believes that living well begins at home. Less is more. Just flip through the company’s catalogs or browse the website and you’ll see that the featured rooms are happy and homey… and organized. Everything seems to have a place. And throughout the day–or at the end of it, if you have small children and life is chaotic 😉–it appears that it wouldn’t take a small army to clean up. Plus, they have only the prettiest decor and what could be better than that?

I like to think that we’ve embraced that lifestyle and have applied it to decorating, too. We now go for decorative objects that have clean lines and serve a purpose; in many cases, several purposes! Take this bar cart. Yes, we use it nearly every time we have friends over, whether for drinks or dessert, and we usually position it in the kitchen for that. (So nice that it has wheels!) But when we’re not entertaining, we use it as decor. :)

Styling A Bar Cart

I love changing things up in our house. It’s so fun to play with styling. I like rearranging furniture, moving decor from room to room, and (admittedly) switching out drapery. 😂 And the bar cart? It’s perfect for my commitment issues. I mean, it has wheels! 😜 At the moment, I have it in our dining room, right at the foot of the staircase. Next week, though, it could very well be up in my office or living room. And following that, heck, maybe you’ll find it in the hallway.

Who knows! There’s really no telling. But I love that it works everywhere.

Something I find so interesting about bar cart styling is that most of the people I know who have them don’t use ’em as a bar. One friend uses hers for greenery, and she must have a dozen or so fresh flowers and plants overflowing from the top and bottom shelves. (Really nice during winters in Chicago, when some nice greenery can be really hard to find.) Another friend set hers up as an arts and crafts center for her kids, and still another has hers work as a makeup station of sorts. (It’s really pretty.)

My friend Bradley, who just designed and moved into the most STUNNING home in Lincoln Park, actually has two Serena & Lily’s South Seas Side Carts, and they function as nightstands in her master bedroom. So, so pretty! (One of these days, btw, Bradley and I are going to feature her house on the blog. Because we owe it to the people, haha. It’s seriously the most incredible place I’ve ever seen! She and her husband gutted the whole thing–while she was in her third trimester–and it’s perfect. Just you wait!)

Anyway, I wanted to quickly share some snaps of our bar cart’s current positioning. I’ll be honest; I’m excited to move it up to the hallway next, because I’m thinking about perhaps making the area the permanent home of our Shore Bench. But again, we’ll see. ;)

Below, you’ll find how we use our South Seas Bar Cart two different ways: for decor and for entertaining! (Kids’ hot chocolate station, in this case!) Not every bar cart is full of liquor bottles, although a bar cart is the perfect place to display them. Especially if your bottles have pretty packaging. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the cocktail recipe books, wine glasses, and other bar tools. Oh, and the architectural digest, if you’re into that.

Anyway, styling your bar is going to be an absolute treat. So, get creative! You can also shop the post below. There, I have all my favorite entertaining decor, including cloth cocktail napkins, coasters (custom coasters go great on bar carts BTW), serving utensils and trays, different styles of bar carts, and more. All of which have the best color, pattern, and texture for styling a simply, yet super elegant bar cart.

If you had off yesterday, I hope you’re having a great start to your week. ♥️

Bar cart as decor:

bar cart for decor
Styling a Bar Cart
Styling a Bar Cart
Styling a Bar Cart
retro camera
Styling a Bar Cart
South Seas Bar Cart
books and decor
Serena & Lily South Seas Side Cart
South Seas Bar Cart

Bar cart for entertaining:

South Seas Bar Cart at home
South Seas Bar Cart for drinks
teaspoons in a jar
dachshund at home
cloth napkin
sugar cookies with sprinkles
How to Style South Seas Bar Cart

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