Everlanes Supersoft Boyfriend Jeans

Everlane’s Supersoft Boyfriend Jeans: EXCITED. (Priced great, too!)

FRIDAY. We’re here. We made it.

Last weekend was a bit of a doozy for us. It’s weird–I think we struggle on the weekends because we don’t have a schedule. Monday through Friday, Mitch and I try to keep the kiddos on a (loose) one, and we plan out the day every morning with Emma so she has some ownership over it. On the weekends, though, we tend not to do that because we’re exhausted and want a break, haha. BUT THEN IT BACKFIRES. So I think we’ll try to adhere by the ol’ schedule this weekend, yet obviously all play and no work or schoolwork. Lots of fun activities!

(If you’re a mom, how are the weekends going for you?)

Pinterest has become my best friend, btw. I type in “_____ craft” every morning, and up pops tons of great projects, most of which we can do with stuff we already have in our house. Look how cute our whales are! Except the bottom one. Frank, are you okay? You appear to have been in an industrial accident.

Anyway, on to this week’s Recent Finds:

J.Crew just came out with the CUTEST lobster sweater! If it’s not in stock, Tuckernuck makes a great one, too. (I also have and LOVE J.Crew’s other lobster sweater!)

Here’s my Garmin smartwatch! It’s $50 off from now until 5/16. It’s incredibly helpful for staying on top of everything I have going on! Can’t say that about other smart watches…

The price point on these sandals are fabulous; much more affordable than the white Birkenstocks I’ve been eyeing. (Birkenstock does make a rubber version which is only $45, but I feel like Tuckernuck’s pair is cuter.)

It’s just as good as I thought it would be, guys. I’m pretty sad about missing my family’s big get-together down the Shore this summer. (Even if it’s deemed safe to go, our only option with the girls would be flying, and Mitch and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.) But this sweater reminds me of all the good times to come! This too shall pass, and there are so many Ocean City summers to come. <3

YES. Okay, if you’re familiar with Everlane’s “Day” line, you probably know how insanely comfortable the leather is. I featured these a few weeks ago, but I wanted to highlight them again because they’re the PERFECT quarantine sandal.

This is perfect. So in love. Can’t get enough of the tunics; highly recommend wearing them with these “Jeanish” white leggings. They’re a game-changer!

And the gray gingham is SO cute, too.

WOVEN LOAFERS that are apparently crazy soft! (Have yet to find a pair that are, so this is wonderful!)

the ric rac. And this pic. With the people in the background. SIGH.

These finally arrived and I can’t wait to wear them this weekend. J.Crew, YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Cutest chambray dress! I recently ordered this one from Gap Factory, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably try Old Navy’s.

Here’s the Gap Factory one!

And here’s Amazon’s version. Three solid choices. :)

I wish this had a loose fit, but very cute for someone who hasn’t had a baby. ;)


Love this pair, and now I’m doubting my decision to go with white, haha.

Ordered this because COME ON. If this doesn’t scream “Kelly”…

Favorite insulated trench coat.

Burberry brought its iconic jacket back. (I’ve had mine for YEARS and adore it just as much as I did on Day 1.)

Another quarantine essential. The more beaten up you get ’em, the better.

PERFECT white skinnies; more like leggings so ideal to go under loose-fitting sweaters and tops… and especially under tunics. Couldn’t live without!

Sezane. Perfection.

And this top!

Backordered until July and my heart is breaking. ;)

ONLY $30!!!!!

An awesome linen sweater; I live in linen sweaters during the summer, especially at night, and this one is gorgeous!

Everlane’s white sneakers. Looking forward to trying!

Really crossing my fingers that THIS is the pair of boyfriend jeans I love. (Have been coming close to finding a pair that I’m obsessed with, but I always just miss the mark.) These are apparently crazy soft and comfortable.

Love the stitching on this sweater.

I have this and have been wearing it a lot lately! Casual yet super interesting, and very soft. :)

Madewell’s famous Whisper Tee is on sale via Nordstrom for $11.70.

Cork loafers. On sale!