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I don’t know about you guys, but I make very few purchases in actual stores these days. While I certainly enjoy browsing in person, I tend to hold off on buying a product until I’ve done a ridiculous amount of research online. Which site has the best price? Which has free shipping, free returns, and no tax? And which allows me to use a coupon code?

Ah, the coupon code. There’s nothing more satisfying for a bargain hunter than finding one that works. In the past, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for them–sifting through dozens of expired and fake ones, refusing to make a purchase until I find a code that functions.

Recently, though, I was introduced to, an online coupon search engine that does all of this work for me. (And saves me quite a bit of time!) The company works with thousands of online stores–including Piperlime–to locate awesome deals for shoppers. It’s pretty cool: users are able to weigh in on whether a deal or coupon is actually functional, and then–based on aggregated votes– automatically ranks the offers based on popularity. There’s even something called Frugaa Rewards, which allows users to earn gift cards by sharing content on Cha-ching!

But now for the fun part. Today, I’m teaming up with to give away a $50 Visa eGift Card so that you guys can have some fun with Frugaa deals, too. Take a look at the company’s retailers by visiting, and then enter the giveaway below! Happy shopping!

Frugaa Kelly in the City VISA