Sail to Sable Tunic-24

Sail to Sable Shift (c/o) /Henri Bendel Tote (c/o) /Jack Rogers Platinum Sandals / Michele Benjamin Necklace (c/o) /Kate Spade Sunnies (Old, newer styles here) and BangleJ.Crew Pearl Earrings

Before every big trip, I turn to Mitch and tell him that I’m traveling light. But somehow, it just never happens. It’s hard! There are so many things to consider: the weather (and whether temperatures will dip in the mornings and evenings), the activities we choose to participate in, what family and friends will be wearing, and my mood and energy level. (Haha. Silly, but it’s hard to predict. On some trips, I want to feel super special every day. On others, it’s shorts, a t-shirt, and unkempt hair for the win.)

An inability to pack light apparently runs in the family, though. Today, my mother said to me, “Oh, I completely understand. Your father’s suitcase was only half full, so I shoved as many extra pairs of shoes in it as I could before we left home.”


Anyway, Sail to Sable’s gorgeous resort line was a HUGE help with packing for Miami, as its dresses, tunics and tops are lively and intricate. Each piece can be dressed up or down, and they require little to no jewelry. (Even though I haven’t taken off my new Michele Benjamin necklace since arriving. I can’t help it!) Versatility and an easier-to-manage suitcase? I love it.

And how beautiful is this Cambridge Shift I’m wearing?! I love the embroidery around the collar, the fabric’s stretchiness, and the exposed gold zipper. Details. It’s all in the details. Slip on a pair of Jacks, throw a cardigan in your purse, and you’re good to go!

Thanks for taking my photos, Kim! xoxo

(Help my friend Jason’s school in the Bronx!)

Sail to Sable Tunic-41
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Sail to Sable Tunic-47
Sail to Sable Tunic-30
Sail to Sable Tunic-40
Sail to Sable Tunic-39
Sail to Sable Tunic-44
Sail to Sable Tunic-18
Sail to Sable Tunic-7
Sail to Sable Tunic-10

(We love CVS. Gotta get that sunblock. #vampireprobs)

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