Recent Finds, Vol. 16 - Kelly in the City

Gingham flats on sale today only with code “FRIENDS30.” Nautical Silk Scarf c/o J. McLaughlin / Favorite Jeans (Best EVER.) / Collared Top (So cute!) / Woven Tote c/o Tuckernuck

Hi, Friends! I’m wrapping up a nice little Sunday over here in Lincoln Park. ;) This morning, Emma and I had brunch with Maya and Kira at Jam & Honey, and later in the afternoon, my cousin Conor and his sweet girlfriend came over to hang. (They flew in from New York for the weekend!) I also cleaned and organized the living daylights out of our house. Yeah, that didn’t make any sense. But seriously, guys: It hasn’t been this organized in FOREVER! Of course, it’s not perfect, and I still have quite a bit of work to do in terms of purging. But everything’s in its place and “donate,” “trash” and “sell” bags are all lined up, ready to depart. FEELS GOOD!

I know that today’s “Recent Finds” post is pretty late, but did you see this outfit which I posted super early? ;) And here’s yesterday’s “Life Lately” post — I went back and added the little “life update section,” too!

In other news, my work is done for tomorrow, and Mitch arrives in an hour. I’m SO excited! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. And if you’re not based in Chicago, a warm weekend. Brrrr!

Recent Finds, Vol. 16

J.McLaughlin sent this bag over this week, and I swear I’ve never loved a bag so much. Doesn’t it remind you of the Nantucket baskets?!

I know. These jeans are pricey. But they’re SO CUTE.

My favorite tote now comes with a blue charm! And we all know how I feel about blue…

Cutest espadrilles and very affordable!

Another affordable top, but looks like so much more, in my opinion. ;)

I’m not a huge skirt fan, but I love this one.

Okay, and this one.

BAH! The sandals of the year (in pink here) now come in a scalloped suede. UGH. Missed the boat.

My sunglasses! Okay, they aren’t EXACT, but they’re pretty close. I ordered them to review ’em on the blog. Will report back soon.

Recently received this in the mail and have been wearing it–and tying it to my bags–constantly.

The sweetest white slides for spring AND summer. Look at that bow!

Okay, never mind. I’m a skirt girl.

Love this for cozy nights on the beach in Ocean City.

Well, isn’t this the cutest little blazer.

Hydrangea leggings. That’s all I have to say. You’ll see them tomorrow on Jess!

Perfect for the Shore. I’m not a huge fan of bearing it all on the beach. I’m super pale, and just generally look awkward in a bathing suit. This will be perfect for me! :)

Anyone else think of “Friends” and Phoeboe and lobsters that mate for life when they look at this? (Katie?!)

The perfect bow top.

It’s backordered, but it’s BACK!

Another cute woven bag!

Peplum and bows and navy. :)

I do NOT need these. I have a million pairs of loafers in my closet. But…

It’s freezing in Chicago. All the jackets are necessary.

How do we feel about this? I’m STILL considering it.

This looks so very much like my old Coach bag. It also comes in straw!

I wore this bag in this recent post. It’s backordered, but super cute!

Pom poms and stripes.

Love the striped ruffles!

Thinking about this to wear over t-shirts and tanks this summer. :)