Recent Finds, 9/16

J.Crew Sweater Blazer (Also at Nordstrom — And love the navy striped sweater blazer as well as the gray one.) / AG Jeans (See all my favorite skinny jeans here.) / Everlane Sandals c/o / Vineyard Vines Tie-Front Top c/o (Also loving this oxford.) / Sunglasses Replacement / KJP Phone Case c/o

I’m slowly falling back into a routine here in Chicago, and it feels wonderful. I pulled a super late night when we first got back and unpacked everything, and last night, we were actually able to hang out with friends. (Such a great time, Emily and Doug!) This weekend, we’re tackling laundry and doing some major clean-outs, but we’re also reserving some family time. So good to be home.

A few notes:

  • Yes. I’m wearing sunglasses in a dressing room. Explanation? The bags under my eyes were real that day. Guys: I don’t use an eye cream, and I really need to start. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear ’em! Preferably something that doesn’t cost a fortune but works as well as eye creams that do. ;)
  • While I’m complaining, my roots are out of control. But I’m not highlighting my hair this month. The next time I go in, I’m only going to lowlight. I’ve been blonde forever, but I’m looking to go back to a more natural (and much easier) look. I’m short on time and sick of spending so much money on it, and if you read this admittedly dramatic post, you know how upset I am over hair loss. Wish me luck, haha.
  • This sweater blazer is everything. Both Nordstrom and J.Crew carry it, and I’m obsessed. So much so that I bought it in both colors. I’m wearing a size XS, which is my usual size in J.Crew. It’s slightly oversized, but it’s perfect. I tried going down one size, but decided that the XS would work much better for layering!

Recent Finds, 9/16:


This is the blazer that I’m wearing in the above photo. It’s AMAZING, guys. It’s a sweater, so it’s super cozy, but it makes my outfits look incredibly polished. As I mentioned above, I’m wearing a size XS, which is my usual size in J.Crew. It’s slightly oversized, but it’s perfect. I tried going down one size, but decided that the XS would work much better for layering!

Always on the search for great leather leggings come fall. Could this be the pair?! (Trying really hard to wear more black this year, haha.)

I have last year’s version of this topcoat, and I’m obsessed with it. I wear it constantly; it’s perfect for meetings, date nights and outings with the girls. :) Goes with everything!

How sweet are the ruffled wrists?! And it’s navy.

The prep within is going crazy over this.

Buy this now before it sells out. It’s just as good as it looks — simply order one size up for length. (I actually went with a medium, and it’s perfect.) It also comes in other colors here as well as in a jacket version here.

Here’s the Gucci mule that everyone knows and loves… but I love this pair, which has a convertible (and therefore super comfy) back. I can’t bring myself to buy ’em, but a girl can dream… ;)

This is the pair I went with last year instead, and I LOVE THEM. They feel like I’m not even wearing shoes, haha. Run TTS.

I can’t. (Danny, if you’re reading this, that comment was for you. Love you. Now get back to work.)

This price tag on this one is a little insane, but we can all at least gawk at it. PERFECTION IN A COAT.

Similar look in a skirt. ;) FAR more reasonable!

Love the tie-front shirts this season! Here’s a classic one.

Couldn’t live without my camel-colored cashmere sweater in the fall. It’s a staple.

The Nano jacket is back! I went up one size in mine and it’s great. This one sells out quickly, so snatch yours up before they’re gone.

The bows. I know.

I can’t tell you how often I wear this dress. Haven’t featured it on the blog yet, but I’ve been meaning to! I think I wore it on Insta Stories to Jess and Neal’s Catholic ceremony?! It’s as fabulous as it looks, and it’s super comfy. I’d order your regular size.

Remember this dress?! It’s on crazy sale! Runs TTS.