Recent Finds 9/18

The famous Sophie Blazer is now available in chevron. I’m obsessed.

Also, J.Crew shoes are 50 percent off today with code “SHOPNOW”

Now that we’ve decided to rejoin society in a few days, I’m getting somewhat excited about fall fashion. Here’s what I have my eye on:

I’ve owned this jacket for YEARS, as does nearly every woman in my family. We swear by it. It’s the classic Barbour Beadnell cut with 10x the warmth. Can’t recommend it enough.

Here it is in green.

Here’s the original! Definitely a classic and love mine so much; I just usually need to layer if I want to wear it in November/December.

Barbour’s take on the timeless Burberry quilted jacket?!


I have the pullover version of this but I’ve always loved the zip-up. Paired with a white tee and cute dark jeans?! Yes.

Such a preppy coat for fall. ;)


I’m so grateful that I brought this old sweatshirt to Ocean City because summer quickly turned to fall here and I wear it It’s favorite because I grew up with black labs; have had it for years and Emma has one, too!

Hello, 2020.

Such a good deal!

I know this is for little girls, but I’m including it as a reminder to myself, haha. Buy for Emma! She’s just about outgrown her old one and it’s time to pass it down to Lucy!

I’d really love a new wallet this year. My old one is beaten up. A Dooney and Bourke one is so classic!

Hahaha. This doesn’t belong here but I’m pining for it for my birthday. All I want is long walks with Lucy while Emma’s remotely learning as the leaves fall down around us, and it sure would be nice to not have to take the double! Honestly, this is my #1 birthday present. Someone give Mitch the hint, please! Hahaha. Jokes but also serious. I also need the snack bar no pressure k thanks bye

I have these in white and adore them. Love the other more fall-appropriate colors, too!

My makeup bag recently exploded. I love this one!

WHY ARE THESE SELLING OUT SO QUICKLY? Oh, because they’re perfect. I’m stalking them in case they come back in my size.

Without a doubt, my favorite turtleneck in my closet.

It’s back! And way cuter than ever.

Don’t come crying to me when they all sell out. ;) Quick!

I’ve had my navy New Balances for the longest time. So comfy!

WHOA. I get a lot of questions about my hot pink Lady Day Coat every year… and now I can finally tell people that it’s available again!

*Adds to cart.* Such a poncho girl.

Cute! A great alternative to the cocoon.

A staple.

Hold the presses. I’m such a huge fan of the yellow raincoat look, but I’m just always so cold. THIS FIXES EVERYTHING. So excited!

Yes. 100 times yes.

Here’s the Sophie in chevron again!

So cute with super dark denim.

Love everything about this.

I know I featured this before but here it is again.

Such a great October plaid!

I have another pair of suede over-the-knee boots but couldn’t live without ’em.

Beautiful. I clearly worship J.Crew.

Wouldn’t this make for a great camera strap?

With boots.

Factory’s version of the cords, skinny-style.

And here they are in white.

Love Factory’s Cozy material!

I have this and LOVE IT. Wear it so, so often. Can’t recommend more.

I mean…

Guys, I’m getting tired. But these are awesome if you go up one size. They look like fancy pants.

The Cozy Dress. A must-have. Just pair it with riding boots and a long cardigan and you’ll look adorable.

I’M TRYING BLUE LIGHT GLASSES. So many headaches. Really crossing my fingers over here. Okay. That’s it. Gotta hit the hay. HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS.