Recent Finds 6/12

Icon Shirt + Old Tuckernuck Tote

Hello, Friends!

I’m having a little arts & crafts session with Emma this morning, so I’ll jump right into it:

This is such a sweet dress. It’s mostly polyester, which means that it’s mom-friendly. :)

Chambray all day.

Still my favorite white jeans to wear under tops and other longer tunics. SO comfy.


I absolutely adore the “Lauren.” Wish Jack Rogers would bring back the Little Miss Lauren!

Let’s see how many weeks in a row I can include these… Birks, I love you. Thanks for making me a happier mom.

Still wildly in love with these leggings. If you can find them in your size, grab them before they sell out! (SOFTEST leggings ever… and I wear them as regular leggings, too! Definitely don’t look like yoga leggings.)

Ridiculously soft. Great job, Everlane. I needed to go a 1/2 size up.

I love this bag so much that I use it as bookshelf decor, haha.

Birdies! It’s finally pretty hot here in Chicago, but definitely want to give these a try… maybe in the fall? They’re supposed to be like wearing slippers. :)

J.Crew, these are your best jeans! Nailed it.

This is the bag from my Black-owned businesses post! I ended up getting this medium-sized one in cream, and the larger one in brown. When I get them, I’ll decide which size is right for everyday use… I’m assuming the medium but not 100-percent sure. Either way, this is my BAG OF THE YEAR for sure. :)

And still very much obsessed with LemLem. I think it’s really cool that the designer’s stuff has been selling out these past couple of weeks, too. <3

Knit PJs are my thing, and this summery set is adorable.

Another great job, J.Crew. Seersucker button down?! Yes.

And these white shorts. I’m trying to get into shorts. Still don’t own any but thinkin’ this might be my year, haha.

Great price on Laurens!

I may have ordered this because we missed our Nantucket trip :( and this looks like Nantucket red, haha. We’ll see how it fits. Will report back.

In blue!

And this sweater dress! Love that Ralph Lauren is on Nordstrom.

Classic loafers by Birdies… so you know they’ll be comfy!

BEST.CARDIGAN.EVER. Worth every penny. I keep it in my office for when the air conditioning is on.

Adorable tunic on sale.

Eliza J., this is my favorite dress of yours yet!

This is beautiful, too.

Sad that this is almost sold out!

On sale!

It doesn’t wrinkle. Boom.

Another great piece on sale.

An asymmetrical dress in stripe!

TOO CUTE. I love me a good t-shirt dress, but this one definitely has a little something extra!

Gorgeous new dress from Tuckernuck.

The prettiest face mask in all the land.

Reminder: the crushable hat now comes in stripe!

I always have trouble finding cute evening bags that carry enough! Future weddings. :)

Ric rac belt. (!!!!!!)

More than I feel comfortable spending on a dress but this is stunningly beautiful. A very Kelly dress… in Liberty print!

Tuckernuck now carries my favorite sneakers.

Dudley Stephens Brighton Boatneck is back in stock in the creamy white color! So beautiful.

Lululemon restocked the navy in a bunch of sizes.

These look like Nantucket red, too. :)

Shorts back in a few sizes, too.


And this dress!

Have you tried Lilly’s leggings? Add a little sunshine + sun protection to your day at the same time!

Favorite Lilly dress right now!

And favorite dress of the summer. Always featuring it but it’s.just.that.good. <3