Plaid Hill House dress | Recent Finds 5/15

Plaid Hill House dress restocked!

Had to push back Recent Finds a day, but happy Saturday!

What are you guys up to today? Our kitchen is being finished (hallelujah!) so we took the girls out to breakfast. It was raining and we couldn’t get in anywhere, so we ended up at a pizza place. 😆 But pizza for breakfast isn’t as bad as you’d think! Tonight, we’re celebrating our neighbors’ birthdays after the kids go down. Fingers crossed for good weather! Other than that, pretty average rainy weekend over here… which is actually nice, because it gives us an excuse to hang around together. :)

But here are this week’s Recent Finds:

I’m going to be styling some outfits with M.M.LaFleur soon, and I ordered this gorgeous dress in GREEN! (Many thanks to Carly for the vote of confidence. It’s a little outside my comfort zone but I have this awesome olive bathing suit that I LOVED last year and I want to add more non-blue color to my wardrobe, haha.)

I’m also trying this slinky tank! (Can’t decide between the white or black. TBD.)

And these leggings. Are they not so pretty?! I’m hoping that they’re the kind of leggings that look like pants but feel like pajamas because that’s a sentence that defines my life these days. :)

I’ve been eyeing this top for a while now. Would look great with white jeans!

And with this woven tote.

Beach sweaters are my favorite, and they’re starting to surface!

I mean, I probably need this, right?

But WOW. Love this even more!

Here it is in black—so great for travel since you can wear it multiple times during a trip and totally get away with it.

This pocket t-shirt dress is everything.

These navy sandals (also available in black) feel like CLOUDS. Go up a half size. They’re so affordable, too! You can find them via Zappos, Amazon and

Hill House plaid dress restocked! Size down.

The most perfect striped dress in the history of the world. You’ll only ever need one, and this is it! Size UP.

Random home find, but these frames go so quickly since they’re so affordable! Grab it now before it sells out!

Still eyeing this quilted trench coat from Barbour! Quilted = warmth

Love these ballet flats! They’re SO comfy. My only recommendation would be to take the little logo off them when you get them. But holy padding!

The Roadtripper Jeans (crazy soft!) are now available in a boyfriend cut!

Still in love with these floral Keds.

Isn’t this so pretty?!

Oh, my, goodness. The scalloped hem!

Citrus PJs.

Getting back into jewelry now that I cleaned out my jewelry box. Love this one!

I think my aunt had a similar necklace growing up because I am DRAWN to this.

I ordered this dress for the summer! It’s no-wrinkle and travels GREAT.

This maxi version is on sale!

I need to go to a wedding STAT.

The eyelet!

This is another one of Tuckernuck’s famous shirt dresses. Obsessed with this one because it looks like you put together a cute outfit but really it’s all attached and you threw it on. ;)

$33.33, guys. Is this not insane?!

Totally looks like a Chanel.

Springtime Chanel lookalike. Under $34?! Nuts…

My favorite Factory dress at the moment, on wild sale.

This is the Dudley Stephens fleece I wear most during the spring/summer! Pairs with everything. I even throw it on over dresses.

Well, this is the cutest sweatshirt to have ever existed.

Another great no-iron striped shirt.


And this?! Wow. Tuckernuck has been killing it lately.

These are my favorite summer earrings. Insanely lightweight. You can’t feel them!

Striped t-shirt dress on sale.

I love this.

I have a cardigan problem. But so does Taylor Swift so it’s totes fine.

It’s the gauzy material for me.

Puffy sandals all day every day. Guys, I need to stop writing these posts late-night. I’m sorry.

But not that sorry! Because LOOK AT THIS SANDAL FIND.

Ooooh, and this floral tote.

Boden never disappoints.