Chappy Wrap x Sara Fitz striped shirt blanket | 15 Things 5/17

Chappy Wrap teamed up with Sara Fitz to make a striped shirt blanket. It’s perfect! You can see the whole collection here. The Nantucket basket blanket is also 😍.

Grab your coffee! Here are the first 15 things that come to mind this morning:

  • I recently discovered Roma Label, a new-to-me brand, and I’m obsessed. Guys, the dresses are amazing! They’re totally no-wrinkle, pack like a dream, and come in mini sizes for little girls. The founder is a Brazil native who now lives in LA, and part of the profits go to The Union Rescue Mission, which offers “more than just meals and shelter.” They provide “hurting souls with a variety of programs to serve the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. They serve with humility, and treat every person with dignity and respect.” Roma Label is available via Maisonette and the company’s website.
  • Did you catch my friend Riley’s macaroni noodle dachshund painting?! I cried, haha. It’s everything. Riley is sending us a print, and I can’t wait to have it framed. Maybe it’ll go in one of the girls’ rooms?! It’s absolutely adorable.
  • Our friends Ellen and Nick recently took their kids to Ellie’s Ark for animal-shaped ice cream over in Wicker Park, and said it was a huge hit. (I mean, isn’t this so cool?!) Can’t wait to take the girls.
  • Lucy started a peewee program, and it’s shockingly going SO WELL. I’ve been so nervous about Lucy throughout the pandemic. She saw nearly no one but us, and interacted with very few other children. But when she turned two a couple of weeks ago, we were able to get her into a peewee program… and crossed our fingers. And while I assumed it was going to be disastrous, she’s been loving it! Tears at drop-off usually, but she always perks up five minutes in. I am so grateful to her magical teachers. She’s been making big gains there, and sleeping better as a result. She’s happier in general, too. :) Go Lucy go!
  • If you’re looking for a new easy-to-watch and funny show, try “Master of None.” Mitch and I have been loving it. It’s uplifting and thoughtfully written, and it makes me miss New York in a not-so-heartbreaking way. The music is spectacular, too. My friend Nicki recommended “Virgin River” for us (or maybe just for me?) to watch next.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NICKI, JR and Blair! Lots of wonderful people to celebrate this week. And so grateful for our community here in Chicago. (Blair still totally counts, even though she’s relocated to Denver.)
  • I’m so in love with all the art from McGee & Co. Like, WHOA. I’m all about it. This year I’d really like to work on getting some art up on our walls. McGee & Co., Caitlin Wilson and Framebridge will be my go-to’s!
  • I hate fitted sheets. And no, I’m not interested in learning how to fold them. Boo to fitted sheets! (Sorry. Just finished a marathon folding session.)
  • I found a duck walking down our street yesterday. I’m really into ducks. 😂 Have a huge collection of wooden ducks. I know what you’re thinking! What the duck? But just adore them. Anyway, I came across a presumably lost duck yesterday outside of our house, and it made my year. He flew away pretty quickly but I’ll always remember our time together.
  • I am in search of the perfect navy and white striped dress, and I think this Saint James number is the one. Size up! I used to have one back in the day but had to get rid of it because it didn’t even come close to fitting anymore. This time I went up two sizes. Fingers crossed it fits well! (Made of awesome stretchy material that requires no ironing/steaming and travels great.)
  • “One project every day” update:
    • Our cabinet doors came back from the painting workshop the wrong color. I nearly had a panic attack, haha, but the painter had them repainted and installed within only two days! SO HAPPY. We have a few minor things to fix, but hoping to take pics of the kitchen at some point this week. I’m so in love and thrilled that this project is over.
    • While the doors were off, I cleaned the kitchen out and donated unneeded and duplicate stuff. Funny how much you can accumulate in such a short period of time. (Especially kids’ gear!)
    • I found lamps for my office. Only took two years. I love them! I’ve been really gravitating toward neutrals and natural tones these days because of their calming effect. :) Still adore my lemon wallpaper, though!
    • I filled our deck box with summertime essentials. It’s amazing. No longer do we need to make 15 trips to the deck for a hangout session there; now everything we need is up there, from toys and bottled water to cleaning supplies and outdoor dinnerware.
    • Speaking of art, I ordered this beautiful framed McGee & Co. canvas for only $18! CRAZY. I’m thinking about putting it in our powder room.
    • I went through and packed away all my turtlenecks and winter sweaters. (Donated a few that I didn’t wear this past year, too.) Felt good! Next up is taking out the spring/summer dresses. I’m a little in shock that I can finally do this, but Chicago is warming up this week. Very excited!
  • I bought the girls these adorable gold Teva sandals for the summer. Aren’t they so cute?! Emma also adores her Birkenstocks, in case you’re looking for other sandal recs for kids. Unlike other sandals we’ve had, they hold up so well that they can be passed down to the next kid no problem. An upfront investment, but one that saves time and money (and reduces clutter!) longterm.
  • This is pretty random, but randomness is what this post is all about. Have you tried the havarti cheese from Aldi? IT’S SO GOOD. We can’t keep it in the fridge.
  • Banksy is coming to Chicago in July! This is huge. Years ago, Banksy painted a wall near our school in the Bronx, and everyone freaked out. Such a special and exciting experience for the community. Definitely want to get tickets for this!
  • We went to Twin Anchors over the weekend to get out of the house and rain. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Old Town that’s known for its ribs. We’ve been going for years and can’t recommend it more! Very family-friendly, too. (Oh, and a scene from “The Dark Night” was filmed there. Kind of cool!)