Recent Finds, 4/6

Boyfriend Shirt (Also available here.) / Hudson Jeans (This pair, this pair, and this pair are similar.) / Tuckernuck Tote and Earrings c/o / Kate Spade Pumps

Some randomness for you today before we get to this week’s online shopping list:

Yesterday was awesome.

We took Wednesday to get back into the swing of things; the cleaning lady came, we did a couple of two-hour daycare sessions to try to get the blog and Mitch’s business back into working order, and we went food shopping. But yesterday?! We worked in the morning and early afternoon, and then later played hooky with Shaheen, Trevor and Zain. We took the babies to “Tunes with Tim” at Monica and Andy on Halsted Street in Lincoln Park, and then grabbed dinner at Blue Door Farm Stand a few doors down. Emma and Zain were SO cute. Yes, it took Emma a while to warm up to the whole music class thing, but I think it was because we interrupted her nap in order to make the 4:14 class, haha. So glad we went, though. By the end, she was jammin’ with her tambourine like the rest of the kids… and fighting with Zain over snacks, per usual. ;) Oh! I should mention that Blue Door is one of the most beautiful restaurants in LP, and then next time you’re in town, you need to go. (It’s where the above photo was taken yesterday, and where we shot this blog post last year!) Anyway, SUCH an amazing day. I know I keep saying this, but it’s so great to be back in Chicago. We have a lot of friends to catch up with, but I think that’s a good problem to have. Feeling very lucky right now!

We have zero plans for this weekend, and I’m like, “Whaaaaat?!”

It’s going to be SO NICE. I can’t remember the last time we had a couple of days to just be, and I’m looking forward to hiding from the cold with my little family, doing a whole lot of nothing, and maybe making last-minute plans so we don’t feel confined by plans made ahead of time. (Does that make sense? Am I a lunatic or does having plans on the weekend stress anyone else out? I love having a completely empty schedule, and then either sending or getting texts along the lines of “Hey! What are you doing in an hour? Want to go to _______ with us?!” The BEST.)

We’re going to a GALA.

We’re attending the Rita Hayworth Gala (which supports the Alzheimer’s Association) on May 12th, and I can hardly wait. A few years ago, we attended the Snow Ball with Jess and Neal (to support the Robert & Ann H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago), and we had so much fun. I feel like Chicago has the most amazing charity events, and they’re such a great way to support phenomenal causes and make new friends. Excited to attend the gala, and hope to see you there! (Haven’t started looking for dresses yet, but I’m looking for something long and navy. Surprise, surprise, haha. Let me know if you’ve seen anything fabulous!)

We’re also taking Emma to Disney Junior Live on May 5th.

Wooooo! As it turns out, I love organized children’s events, haha. It’s just so much fun watching Emma take it all in, interact with other kids, and grow from the experiences. And I love that these little things get us out of the house during the winter. (Yes, I know the event is in May, but listen: it’s April and it’s snowing outside, so who knows what May is going to look like!) Seriously, though. If you hear of any cool ones in the Chicago area over the next couple of months, we’d LOVE to know about them!

I JUST BOUGHT A NEW GUITAR and it arrives tomorrow! 

I’ve had my current one since I was 15, and it’s seen better days. (College wasn’t good to it.) Because it’s in such bad shape, I rarely pick it up anymore, and I recently realized that I’ve been daydreaming about a new one for the better part of the last year. (Whenever I do pick it up, Emma gets so excited!) So I finally sat down and ordered a new one. Trevor basically picked it out for me, and I’m crazy excited. (Have I ever mentioned that Trevor is insane on the guitar? He once played “Just to the Next to Be with You” when Emma was teeny-tiny, and I started tearing up. It was awkward for everyone, haha.) Anyway, this is it. I can’t believe I’m going to own a TAYLOR guitar. It’s a mini one, which explains the phenomenal price… but I’m really excited about the smaller size. I can just barely get by on the guitar (I know like 10 chords and that’s it) so my hope is that the size actually helps. Eeeeeee!

I’m getting cold feet with our office project.

I guess I’m just a little overwhelmed. I desperately want a beautiful desk, but the room is tiny, and I don’t want the desk to overwhelm it. GAH. I obviously need to talk to Kira about this, as she’ll know what to do. I’ve included some of the desks I like below, but if you’ve found any others that look similar, I’d love to see them. I’m looking for a white one with a TON of storage space… and preferably a back that hides all wires because that’s a pet peeve. ;)

On to this week’s Recent Finds!

Recent Finds, 4/6


It was love at first site when I saw this shirt. I’ve worn it constantly over the last month while traveling but it somehow hasn’t made it onto the blog yet. Isn’t it the cutest?! Jess has it, too! It’s also available here.

I wear these pumps more than any other pair of pumps I own. Crazy comfy, they go with everything, and they’re on sale right now. :)

This is my dream desk, but I’m afraid it’s too big for the room. :(

Here’s another option. The color actually matches Emma’s furniture, which could be really nice down the line.

I also love this one, which is a better deal. GAH. Help me.

I recently replaced my Sperrys, and it’s so nice to have a new pair. These are my go-to daytime spring shoes! They run TTS and are incredibly soft. No break-in time.

In love with this Barbour coat.

And the shorter version.

A cricket sweater with a ruffle. Stop!

Paisley athletic leggings.

And a matching top.

The bow sweater is back in stock in light gray. QUICK. Before it sells out!

Nautical sailor pants. Recently wore these and I’m obsessed.

The scalloped detailing on this dress is adorable.

Look at that little bow along the side.

A classic navy striped sweater on major sale.

Noodle was obsessed with my parents’ dog bed in Ocean City. Thinking this is a must for her. Thoughts?!

I wore this jumpsuit in New York and it was so comfortable yet warm and dressy-looking! (Warmth is always my top priority, haha.)

GAH. I have this sweater in white and I’m totally obsessed with it. Just ordered it in the light camel color and so excited. With white jeans for the spring? Really excited!

Love it in blue, too.

I recently scored this sweater on sale at the outlets, and I’m kind of in disbelief, haha. It’s SO CUTE. Mine was $50, so I highly recommend making a trip to the outlets if you really want it. (Because the price on the real one is a little insane.) Size up; I got a medium and it’s perfect!

This is my favorite travel bag, and it’s back in stock!

Scalloped pumps. I have these in navy and they’re crazy comfy.

OBSESSED. If you’re looking for work pants that don’t feel like work pants, get these. They have the button closure in the front but they’re elastic in the back. They’re GREAT. They run TTS.

Such a cute trench!

Love this classic tote. I imagine myself on a boat with this thing.

I also ordered this. I hear it runs big so size down.

With a simple white t-shirt and black heels? I know!

An adorable jumpsuit for spring.

Tuckernuck recently surprised me with this tote and I’m in LOVE. Such a nice surprise to come home to, and I love how much oomph it gives my outfits! Incredibly well made and really roomy. I used it as a baby bag yesterday!

I need this in my life. Except I’m never traveling again, so there’s that.

BEST EARRINGS EVER. I normally can’t wear dangly earrings unless they’re clip-ons, as my holes have almost torn through. (Terribly gross, I know.) But these are so lightweight. They’re lighter than my pearl studs. LOVE! Need them in ALL the colors.