Madewell Roadtripper Jeans

Swing Sweatshirt / Madewell Roadtripper Jeans Tretorn Sneakers / Similar Striped Button-Down / Yeti Mug

Okay! The big news from today’s “Recent Finds” post:

Other finds:

Everything irie? Everything eyelet. Sorry.

YES! Loft just graciously sent me this sweater tee and I fully intend on wearing it tomorrow after the snow melts, haha.

Another beauty.

All the woven sandals. These are beautiful.

And these!

Perfect for springtime layering or work-from-home attire.

THE JEANS! Guys, get them. Again, they’re life-changing.

Love the puff sleeve on this one.

Would love to try…

Looks like a fantastic mom dress. (Or cool person dress.)

I own this!

And this! (I mean… Had to. Would have been REAL awkward without the bottoms. Oh, hey. Writing another “Recent Finds” over wine. What are you doing?!)

The most perfect pair of ballet flats I’ve ever seen. BALLET FLATS THAT YOU CAN WEAR IN THE SUMMER. Ballet sandals?! I’ll show myself out.

Here’s that sweater! It represents everything I want my life to be right now. (And that is in Ocean City, playing in the sand with the girls and Mitch and my parents at 5 p.m., watching the sun sink into the water.)

Really cute tucked into high-rise jeans.

I’m losing steam and we’re only at #16.

The Perfect Tee! I own a few of these and they’re on constant rotation every summer.

Love this. All about the tees during quarantine. QuaranTEE. Nope. Went for it and it just didn’t work out.

The linen shirt! Has anyone tried this? J.Crew is pushing it hard and I’m curious.

I apologize for featuring these jeans so often BUT THEY’RE TOILE. If you’ve ever felt inclined to drape yourself in this material, George Costanza-style, now’s the time to act…

Current denim crush.

MY STRIPED PANTS ARE ONLY $30! I think it’s because word didn’t get out about how insanely wonderful they are. Again, super soft… and they make people who aren’t cool look and feel cool. Hi!

My high-rise gingham pants are also on sale! I’ve owned a lot of gingham pants over the years, and these are the comfiest and most flattering.

OMG we’re only at #24. Great price on my white denim jacket, though, which is fantastic for pairing with blue jeans.

Here’s that classic striped long-sleeved tee for a steal!

Obsessed with these navy bottoms, which are wonderfully flattering, especially for moms whose tummies aren’t what they used to be. I have the one-piece and it’s FANTASTIC.

Paired with this top!

The Rothy’s sandals! It’s currently snowing so it’s hard to imagine wearing these anytime soon, but with any hope, I’ll be in this red pair… with white jeans and a navy striped top in a few weeks.

The cozy jeans! Under $40 today.

Everything eyelet. Think I already used that line.

The scalloped tank. It’s beautiful and can be dressed down or up.

Haven’t tried these but they look great on the model. As do most things, haha.

So pretty!

GREAT PRICE. The Anthro sale is pretty legitimate.

Love the whole outfit. Fun fact: I currently own zero skirts. Just wasn’t finding myself reaching for them.


Oh gosh. I adore this.

This one too, which is a bit out of my comfort zone but I’m feelin’ it.

I’m really hungry. I love scallops.

Went for the Oreos.

This is knit, which means it’s cozy and it doesn’t wrinkle easily. Big fan.

Also a big fan of this stretch dress.


This is likely going to be my favorite dress of the year.

Seersucker top!

I own this hat in a few colors. :) It’s packable!

The dress in WHITE. Go Tuckernuck.

OCNJ. <3