Recent Finds 2/16

Wubby Pullover / Similar Grey Pullover / Snap Pullover / Patagonia Quarter Zip / Patagonia Vest / Hoodie / Throw Blanket

^ What I’ll be living in once we return to Chicago!

We’re enjoying our last couple of days in the sunshine. But just wanted to pop in and share some great finds today! (Yes, this usually goes up on Fridays, but things get a little messy when we’re traveling. So grateful for this gingham travel outfit. 😜)

Anyway, some of the products in today’s post are favorites you’ve seen before, but they’re still in stock–which I wanted to highlight! (Doesn’t everything seem to sell out around this time every year?!) Others are brand new, and still more are perfect for spring.

When we get back to Chicago, it’ll be spring. Right? Right?! ;)

Recent Finds 2/16: