Recent Finds 10/9

Dachshund Sweater

TODAY IS THE DAY. We’re heading down to the lake house this morning because tonight is Charlie and Shirley’s rehearsal and tomorrow is their wedding! I can’t believe it’s here. I have a lot to do this morning, and I’m insanely grateful to my brother- and sister-in-law for swooping in and taking Emma down last night. (I’ve never seen her happier. Thrilled to be back with her cousins.) But it’s all happening and we’re so blessed as a family. More on all of that soon, and who knows, maybe I’ll remember to Instagam Story this weekend. 😉 (Probably not.) But here’s today’s regularly scheduled post!

Fair warning: I’m sitting next to Mitch. It’s midnight and we’re having a glass of wine. This is when I do my best “Recent Finds” work. 😜 So there’s that. ONWARD!

I’m so into black jeans right now. Mostly to wear with chambray shirts and cute leopard shoes because that makes every lazy, unmotivated girl look adorable. Seriously—wear.this.outfit.every.week. This is the best chambray shirt. These are the best leopard flats. Boom. Done. People will look at you and think “fashun.”

Here’s another pair of awesome black jeans. Madewell makes the best jeans, in case you’re new here and you didn’t know my stance on denim.

Suede pants that feel like leggings. Actually, I’m not entirely sure whether these feel like leggings because I do not own them. But I own a similar-looking pair, and they do feel like leggings. So I’m going to go ahead and say they’re worth a try. They also make you look fancy!

I’m really into black loafers with chunky heels. I was also into them in 1997 when I was in the seventh grade.

Best. Tote. Ever. It’s faux leather and it’s reversible. Also makes for a great gift considering the price point. Every friend/family member who’s purchased it has raved about it! Mine still looks brand new and I’ve owned it for at least six years.

Really into this lacquered navy look but that might be the wine speaking.

These are the Gucci Brixton copies. Yes, the Gucci Brixtons are better. The leather is crazy soft and on my first day of ownership, I walked six miles in New York in ’em and ZERO PAIN. (And that’s coming from someone whose feet always hurt.) That said, they’re expensive. Very expensive. So you really have to commit to not buying another pair of loafers for YEARS in order to make it worth it. And as someone who loves loafers, I truly do understand how hard that is. When I see loafer, I’m like, “Must. Have. Loafers.” But I digress. The Sam Edelman ones are great. They look SO similar and are a fraction of the cost, and they’re still really comfortable. I give them a solid B+.

Ah, the Brixtons. I’m sorry to whosever husband I have infuriated.

Leopard booties option #1 (for when it gets cold).

Leopard booties option #2.

Leopard booties option #3.

Leopard booties option #4.

The Old Navy fall Pixie pants are back! These are very cute.

As are these. I own last year’s.

These are on my LIST. French Sole is supposed to be insanely comfy and these look just like the Chanels. For the record, I do own the Chanel flats but I don’t love them. I just don’t feel like they’re comfortable enough to be worth the price. The Gucci Brixtons, though, YES. I think I just need to go head and have ’em stretched and see what happens. (Do not size down in Chanel flats as I did! Big mistake.)

Very similar.

So cute! That bow! I blame my mother for the bow addiction.

VERY close to the Chanel look.

Timeless flats.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m VERY into Birkenstocks right now, especially the clogs. These are lined with coziness, and I’m hoping that one of you can message Mitch on Instagram (@mitchlarkin) or e-mail him ( and tell him that his wife needs a pair of these in size 37. I mean, “happy wife = happy life,” no?! Thanks, Friends. <3 (JK don’t message him, haha.)

These are the normal ones that I have and LOVE. Highly recommend.

On a completely unrelated note, I just won a little argument with Mitch about something ridiculous, and his response was, “You have a fly on your head.” I enjoyed that.

Anywho, this is the best Barbour jacket ever. Yes, the waxed one is great. But this one is SO much warmer, and it looks super similar. My mom, sister-in-law and I (along with countless friends jk we don’t have countless friends) agree that it’s the winner here. We’re obsessed. Want to look cute in a Barbour but don’t want to freeze your tush off? You’re welcome.

I should really go to bed.

I love this dress from Tuckernuck and have been stalking it to hopefully snag it in my size. These are the things I do late-night when I’m on the couch watching Schitt’s Creek for the first time.


(I have a duck collection. It’s very weird but it brings me great joy. A reader recently send me a wooden duck and honestly it’s been keeping me going.)

JOULES. You’ve outdone yourself!

I also adore this. This is my kind of fall dress.

Best. Black. Cardigan. On. The. Market.

Not available in your size? Stalk it. It’s so soft. If I could drape myself in Barefoot Dreams, I would.

Be honest: Do we think these are cute? I have an upcoming collaboration with Backcountry, my #1 source for outdoorsy gear, and these caught my eye. Chicago is the worst during the months of December – May, and I find myself wearing clunky snow boots almost daily. These are certainly still chunkish, but they’re also a little—and I stress a little—fancy with that wedge heel. They get stellar reviews and I hope they’re everything people say they are! I think they’d look really cute with jeans and a sweater on a snowy afternoon. :) Okay, bye.

This is the top I’ll be wearing for the partnership. SO. COZY. What fallish thing should we do for the photoshoot?! I’m rooting for a trip to the North Shore.

Yes, Old Navy, yes.

KEDS makes these! Great job, Kids.

I’m starting to regret how long I’ve made this Recent Finds post.

In other news, this brand makes incredibly comfortable shoes and if you’re feet are always killing you, try them. My mom swears by them too!

STOP. Def a summer shoe. But… perfection.

Keep in mind that sizes 12-16 normally fit women’s sizes XS-medium, and you can save a lot of money buy taking advantage of this if the sizing works for you. If it doesn’t though, simply move on and think nothing of it!

Keep in mind that 1. Kids’ stuff is cut for kids’ bodies, and it tends to be on the boxier side (and therefore could look strange on women), and 2. I include kids’ products only when there’s a significant discount by going that route or when similar women’s products aren’t as cute.

Some are great finds and others aren’t. I’ve ordered Crewcuts dresses, for example, in the past and they’ve looked like potato sacks on me. So back they went!

Carole Baskin would be so proud. (But I actually love this turtlneck.)

The herringbone pattern!

Oh my. I’m really losing steam right now. Like, my eyelids are closing and I’m only on #27, nope #37 and I can’t remember how many more I have to go…

The Cozy Line is back! Ask no questions and just get this sweater dress. The softness, coziness and brilliant colors speak for themselves. Such a winner! Pair it with almost anything, but I love the camel one worn under a utility coat.

REMEMBER THIS? Where did mine go? Flashback to my 20s. Life was good then, but life is better now. ;) Every decade is better than the last! Oh yeah, my birthday was yesterday so I’m a little introspective right now.

Have this cardigan and swear by it. Funny story: Actually wearing it right now. It’s SO soft and cozy. I’m thinking I might need it in the vibrant yellow color?! Paired with stripes, a very cute and nautical look.

Noodle pajama pants. Need I say more?

Favorite flannel of all time. And it’s back! I love it because it’s neutral and can be worn for three seasons. So warm!

WHY IS THIS SOLD OUT? Frankly (hahah), I’m devastated. I need this in my life. Someone, help!

…Oh my god. This was the last one. Okay, guys. I’ collapsing into bed right now but thanks for reading my dribble.