Recent Finds, 1/8 The Madewell herringbone coat

The Madewell herringbone coat is BACK!

Here’s what usually goes live on Friday, which is why the post is called “Recent Finds, 1/8.”

Hope you guys are having a good weekend and taking care of yourselves. If you have a moment, please read this piece by Clint Smith, who’s a spectacular writer, and one that I’ve respected for a while now. ♥️

Aaaaand now back to watching “My Little Pony.” I know you’re jealous.

After nearly ruining my regular Uggs this past week on wet morning walks with Lucy, I finally decided to throw in the towel and get waterproof ones. Wasn’t the most thrilling purchase, but I’m excited to walk around worry-free. I ordered a full size up because of the reviews.

The puffer is on SALE! This is huge, guys. Read my full review here!

As you know, I’m madly in love with these Lululemon leggings. They feel like butter. My dad got them for my mom for Christmas and she was SHOCKED by how magical they were, haha. Love them in green! Paired with a navy-and-white striped sweater? Adorable.

These are apparently just as good—people swear by them!—and they’re a quarter of the price.

This is the warm version! I’m VERY intrigued, as I must admit that my beloved Align leggings aren’t great for my wintery walks. Way to chilly.

Such a cute Valentine’s Day sweater!

LOVE THIS, hahaha. Okay, it’s a bit hokey. But it’s FUN, and your kids will love it if you’re a mom.

The best part? Matching kids’ sweaters! I die.

HUGE fan of The Red Wagon, where you can find the girls’ shamrock sweaters! Thoughts on whether the biggest size would work for an adult? DEVASTATED that they don’t make the number in an adult version, haha!

Old Navy Warm Jeans. Haven’t tried them yet but keep hearing spectacular things!

And while I was clicking around, I found THESE FURRY BEAUTIES. Hahaha I need to stop writing these posts over wine with Mitch. But… I mean… we’re holed up here… and you likely are, too… so… the show must go on.

These leggings are lined with FLEECE. And they’re a total Old Navy steal.

On the pricier side compared to ON, but have you ever seen anything sweeter? Ugh. I can’t wait for some solid spring weather!

THE VERMONT SWEATSHIRT WAS RESTOCKED IN A FEW SIZES. This makes me so happy because we spent years going to West Dover, Vermont as a family!

Don’t tell Mitch, but this is incoming for him. Hahahaha.

Kind of want to change “Recent Finds” up this year and feature more than just women’s apparel. If you’re a parent, have you tried this thing?! I used to have the UppaBaby Foot Muff a long time ago but gave it along with the stroller to Kira’s mom since we had double stroller needs and wanted to get all the extra gear out of our garage! This featured one, though, is apparently universal and approximately one zillion times warmer. So much so that you wouldn’t even have to put a puffer jacket on the baby/toddler?! (Because otherwise double puffer.) Mind-blowing. Problem is that it’s VERY expensive. But interested to hear your thoughts if you’re an owner!

Our dining room table is back in stock! We’re very big fans. Have had it for 1.5 years now and it’s held up wonderfully.

I believe this is our coffee table, majorly discounted.

Favorite riding boots ever at a major discount. (Kind of can’t believe the price!)

Recently bought one of Riley’s prints for Lucy’s room because I’m trying to finish it! (Really only have artwork left to tackle.)

This is called the Cozy Dress and I’m all in.

A scalloped bra! Can’t speak to it but it looks awesome (if you’re okay without padding).

This is my all-time favorite bra, and the one I wear every day. So comfy.

Here’s the strapless version, which I haven’t tried yet because I don’t go anywhere. :)

Sweet Valentine’s Day dresses that you could have your kids wear year-round!

This wallpaper has ARRIVED! It’s going in our laundry room. So excited. Sara Fitz is amazing!

Mitch’s says that this is his #1 most-loved winter wardrobe staple. In case you’re looking for something for your significant other! :) Comes in a bunch of patterns. Mitch wears the large and it’s plenty big; we’d say that it runs TTS but don’t size up. Roomy in a good and cozy way.

And this is my #1 winter cardigan. Worth every penny. SO SOFT. Looks awesome with a black striped tee underneath!

All-time favorite hat. The only hat I own that doesn’t make me itch! Wildly soft. Wish it came in other colors.


Cutest Valentine’s Day sweater that can be worn well after, too.

Paired with these jeans because #quarantine.

If you can find your Little this dress in her size, GET IT! First, is crazily discounted. Second, it’s so soft. Both girls freak out when it comes out of the laundry; I wish we could find it in pink, too!

Too cute for Valentine’s Day, and might just have to grab it for the girls!

The ruffles!

IT’S BACK. Walk, don’t run, because it’s going to sell out so quickly. I’ve had mind for years and STILL get emails and questions about it!

This is supposed to be wildly soft and cozy. It’s from Madewell’s new comfort line!

And these are supposed to be the best leggings ever created by Madewell. SO MANY LEGGING OPTIONS TODAY. Such a January post.

Weird way to end today’s post but I’m SO ANNOYED with all the bottles and feel like this would be great in the girls’ bathrooms. It comes in a double and triple version, too.