J.Crew Factory Cozy Jeans

J.Crew Factory Cozy Jeans (Under $40 and AMAZING. So soft and warm! TTS.) / Laney Pumps / Madewell Texture & Thread Top / Tde. Phone Case / Master Bedroom Details Here

Three things:

  • J.Crew Factory came out with “Cozy Jeans,” and they’re under $40 and AMAZING. Factory was never really a go-to for jeans for me, but I ordered two pairs recently (the Cozy ones and this pair of white jeans) and both fit and feel like $200 designer denim! Amazingly flattering and unbelievably soft yet substantial. I don’t know what they did, but they’ve created some masterpieces here, haha. Of course, now I really want to try this pair of lighter skinny jeans and this darker wash pair, too. (Note: I found the white pair to run a bit large. I would recommend ordering your regular size or one size down if you like your skinny jeans super tight like I do!)
  • Have you heard of Texture & Thread? It’s one of Madewell’s lines, and it consists of pieces that are amazingly comfortable–kind of like your favorite sweatshirt–but that also help you look put-together. So. Great. The Texture & Thread top I’m wearing in the above photo is sadly sold out, but there are a few other awesome pieces that are available. My faves are this side-button top and this ruffled neck top.
  • Sorry about all the iPhone mirror selfies. It’s been snowing for roughly a week here in Chicago, and while I did manage to shoot one outfit, I figure that my day-to-day casual looks are perhaps a little better right now anyway. January is tough, but if you’re super into basics and cozy clothing that also looks somewhat polished, I AM TOO, and you’re in the right place. 😜

Okay! On to this week’s Recent Finds:

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs, these jeans are phenomenal. AND UNDER $40! They’re so soft, cozy and warm. TTS. Get them. I promise that you’ll love them!

LOVE this pair, too. So glad I ordered. Runs a tad big; not sure whether I’ll keep my usual size or go down a size. But FYI. If you like your jeans very tight, I might go down a size.

And now, since I believe that J.Crew Factory is the king of denim, I want to try all the pairs. ;) I have my eye on these guys!

This dark wash is fantastic, too. (WHY is it so difficult to find dark jeans that are soft?!)

And in black.

Do you know about & Other Stories? They have some of the best sweaters–perfect for chilly Chicago winters. Love this one!

And this one…

And this one…

And this one…

Okay, stopping.

Kate Spade made the prettiest high-waisted eyelet bikini! I MIGHT wear a bikini if the bottoms were this high-waisted. MIGHT.

This dress! I feel like some of you are going to hate it and others will love it, haha. But it looks warm, so…

HUE makes great jeggings. That is all.

I’m all for the camel sweater dress. Pair it with black tights and booties OR with black tights and over-the-knee boots and you look incredible yet stay warm.

Hahaha. But I want them.


These. I have them in white, but the brown is just so classic!

Yes, Lilly. Slay. (Correct usage of that term?)

Chenille. You’re either for it or totally against it. I’m for it.

That top I was telling you about!

And this one.

I still keep coming back to this cashmere hoodie, but it’s a lot…

J.Crew’s black jeans have me intrigued, too.

GET. THESE. They’re amazing. I have them in white and brown and wear them all the time. Here’s my feature on the white pair!

My favorite puffer coat. It’s actually replaced my Canada Goose. Huge fan! SO WARM and I get so many compliments on it because come on: it’s striking! Runs huge. I wear an XXS, and I would normally order a size small.

Everyone came out with leggings and they’re so affordable! I LOVE them. They’re very soft. I have them in a size XS, though, and I think I need to send them back for a small. Other than that, though, perfection.


Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Samesies. Paige, get this sweater back in stock please and thank you haha love you okay bye.

Headed to Florida next week and this would be perfect for cooler nights on the beach!

If I had an office job… or anything fancy to attend… but alas. I don’t.

A great belt for dresses that need some cinching.

And here we go with Talbots, always killin’ the shoe game!

These Mocs.

These striped loafers.

These Chanel lookalikes. (GORGEOUS.)

And J.Crew just came out with a new Chanel lookalike, too, only in navy and cream. I like!

Look at the Liberty London lining!

A scalloped blouse that’s machine-washable and available in so many colors.

In polka dot, too!

Leopard sweatshirt.


Adore. This is a Kelly blazer, for sure.

Wish this were in my suitcase.

And this one, too!

It’s padded. That is all.

Love the blue, but available in a wide array of colors. :)