Recent Finds 1/21 - Valentines Day Pajamas

Valentine’s Day Pajamas

Aaaand we’re back! I had a work day this week, so I was able to put together some blog posts. Save for two days, we were without school for a solid month, and sitting down at my desk again actually felt really nice. :) A bit of a transition as I’ve essentially been a stay-at-home mom for the last month, but ahhhh. A little alone time. And it was quiet. 😉

The first Recent Finds post of 2022 is a mixture of fashion and home—since most of us are spending a lot of time at home these days. (Ten degrees this morning! Such a lovely walk to school, haha.) So let’s get to it!

These are great winter leggings! They’re extremely warm—they feature a brushed interior—and soft, and they’re much more flattering than the Athleta pair. (Though the Athleta pair IS the warmest pair of leggings I’ve ever owned, and what I choose to wear on walks during horrifically cold days in Chicago. They’re not UNflattering; they’re just bulkier since they’re so thick!)

The famous Align leggings now come in a leather-looking style! Eeeeee! I’ve been waiting for this for the longest time, haha. Faux leather leggings with the comfort of the Align fabric and cut?! Sign me up.

I bought these boots last year to keep by the door. They’re obviously slip-ons, so they’re wonderful when I’m in a rush or am trying to get kids in and out of the house. They’re also very comfy and warm! I went up a half size, as I normally do in boots.

A little pop of color both for Valentine’s Day and the dreariness of winter! Love this arrangement.

An amazing Target find! I’ve been thinking about selling our HomeGoods ginger jars that are in the top cabinets of our kitchen and replacing them with some neutral pieces—without breaking the bank. This could be a good starting point!

I am a huge fan of J.Crew’s gauze material, and I love this new top! Available in lots of colors, too. Really enjoy that you don’t have to steam J.Crew gauze tops when they come out of the washing machine, either.

This is the original! Runs a little big but is such a great year-round shirt. It’s lightweight but far cozier than typical button-downs, so you can also use it for layering during the winter!

J.Crew also just came out with a striped version.

New Madewell jeans in my favorite cut!

And this is the pair I’ve been wearing on repeat. I’ve been raving about the Cali Demi-Boot jeans, but they’re just such a good intro to a trendier cut if you’ve only ever worn skinny jeans. Don’t get me wrong; I still love my skinny jeans! But these look awesome with booties, whereas skinny jeans bunch up at the ankles and can look a bit odd. They’re a must-have for Chicagoan girls!

If anyone’s been looking for an awesome utility jacket, this one is great!

A long-sleeved “going out top.” (Throwback to college, no?) But these things are valuable!

I got married a long time ago, and I probably wouldn’t have been comfortable with the low-cut style, but SWOON! This is beautiful.

One of Nordstrom’s top-selling sweaters! Lots of colors and very soft.

It’s January, and that means it’s time to break out the warmest Bean Boots we own. This, IMHO, is the warmest pair that LLBean makes! It’s fully lined in shearling, which makes for happy, toasty toes.

The famous Chateau Parka is on sale! This is my favorite color. I take my usual J.Crew size.

This wrap-style puffer coat still has my eye. Though do we think it looks like a bathrobe?! I can’t decide, haha.

January also means new underwear. This is my all-time favorite bra. It feels like I’m wearing nothing and it’s beautiful. The color selection is great, too.

Another wildly popular and super cozy Nordstrom sweater.

These are insanely comfortable sneakers, and they’re available in navy, for those of us who own more navy workout/athleisure clothing than black!

It’s January and I’m already thinking about Easter, haha. Such cute bunny decor!

These are my favorite, though. I love seasonal decor that subtly blends in with the rest of the home. :)

And this semi-modern take on the bunny. I die.

I’ve been slow to commit to a black chandelier for our bedroom. Kira picked out this one, though, and I love it. Bah.

The website says this is blue. DOES IT LOOK BLUE TO YOU? (Flashback to the blue or white dress thing, haha.)

Another Target find! Would look beautiful in a little girl’s room.

This is part of the Primrose mirror line! Perfect on top of a dresser.

If you don’t like the leaning look of the Primrose line, this is a great alternative.

Love this rug! Looks like it would hide stains very well, too.

Swoon. We have zero wall space for a cabinet like this anywhere in our home, haha, but it’s oh-so-pretty.

And this one!

Hello, prettiest leather couch I ever did see.

These would make for cute kids’ Valentine’s Day gifts!

Okay, this totally does not work with my all black/white/camel/olive green winter uniform, but I still love it. Wish it came in kiddie sizes!

A classic black knot headband always ties a winter look together.

Reminds me of my Bronx days! Do I need a Yankees hat?! (Go Yankees but also go Cubs! I should note that I’m not a sports fan, haha. Just root for the teams where I live.)


Really into grecian bust decor, hahaha. I don’t have one yet but oh, it’s happening.

The heart pajamas! Okay, I recently got rid of all my sleepwear save for a pair of “Dreamy” pajamas from J.Crew and a pair of Eberjey’s version. But I love the heart print! Really cute for Valentine’s Day. There’s a kids’ version, too!

Ooooh, good “going out DRESS” for Chicago gals! Cozy yet fancy.

Everyone loves a comfy lace top. Dress it up or pair it with jeans and you’re sure to look beautiful!

This cardigan! Love the print and the texture.

A nod to my preppy side. ;)

Hard to imagine that in a few months, we’ll be donning shoes like these. For now, though, good future vacation shoes. :)

Oh, how I wish this wasn’t sold out in my size!

If you can catch this in stock, grab it! SUCH a good deal. I’m in love!