Dudley Stephens Fleece + recent finds 1/18

Dudley Stephens Camel Fleece (The camel color is sold out, but I also own the blush color–which is fully in stock–and LOVE IT. It’s very similar; just a little lighter.) / Hudson Jeans (On major sale!) / Rothy’s Sneakers / Tde. Phone Case / Master Bedroom Details Here

And we’re back! Emma has been really sick; we pulled her out of school on Friday, and today was a little rough, too. (Though her fever broke and she’s definitely on the mend!) But yeah: Apologies for all the mirror selfies as of late. 😂 While this month is almost always like this for us–battling illnesses, juggling travel, and trying to recover from the holidays–I’m excited to try to get back in the swing of things after the long weekend.

Anyway, on the wardrobe front, I normally find myself drawn to staples in January; a return to basics and what’s easy. Curate a closet of classic and practical pieces and you’ll never have trouble getting dressed in the morning! Of course, you’ll find a few staple pieces below… but here’s what I have my eye on:

I’ve yet to try Dudley Stephens’ “Bubble Fleece,” but I’m SO intrigued. :) Doesn’t it look amazingly soft?!

This is a beautiful sweater. Love the stripes!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This looks like the perfect chambray dress. Love the definition in the waist!

And here it is in stripe.

These are my favorite velvet leggings because they’re so thick and warm for winter. But have you seen that J.Crew’s version–the runner up, and absolutely fabulous, too–is on MAJOR sale?! *Use code “LONGWKND.”* Like, what? The price is phenomenal.

I. Love. This.

I’ve had these in my cart for MONTHS.

Dudley Stephens makes a coat?! SO CUTE.

The price on this sweater is crazy, too. (Use code “LONGWKND.” I snatched it up in the pale pink! It’s super soft. I plan on tucking it into the front of jeans.

Really into pocket t-shirts right now with lighter denim. Especially in gray, but this pink one is pretty cute.

This is from J.Crew’s “super cozy” line. Haven’t tried it yet but I love a good soft top!

SUCH a steal! And a classic. Again, be sure to use code “LONGWKND” when shopping J.Crew to get the prices WAY down.

I’m ALL ABOUT THIS. With sneakers? Too cute.

This basic top is supposed to be amazing, too. Very soft and work-appropriate. Extremely comfy!

Another awesome cozy top that’s new to the collection.

So excited about this top. It comes in solids, too, but it’s well-known for the no-wrinkle factor. Great for travel.

Sorry that I keep featuring these jeans. But THEY’RE JEANS! And look at the bow! I’m in love.

On major sale and it’s supposed to be amazingly soft and cozy.

Another product I keep featuring. ;) I know they’re workout leggings but wouldn’t they be great with a long white or black sweater?!

It’s only $28! I have it in the light pink and it’s a “going out” staple for me. Very soft. Runs a tad big so keep that in mind while ordering.

Well, look at that! Loved it so much that I featured it twice!

Thrilled about this skirt. I tend to shy away from skirts and dresses during the winter, but I recently bought myself a pair of black fleece tights, and they kind of changed everything for me. Paired with boots or booties and I’m pretty darn warm! This is the pair of tights in case you’re in the market.

Apparently, these white jeans are incredible. I’m going to Florida in a couple of weeks and own zero pairs of white jeans that fit, so I’m considering trying them since they’re such a deal! Reportedly super soft.

This will likely find its way into my cart, too, since it’s so soft. BRING ON THE SOFT.

Brand new and looks AMAZING. Bravo for making affordable jeans, J.Crew Factory.

Tried these on in the store and still thinking about them. Read the reviews! People are crazy about them.

The Chanel lookalike pumps are back!

Never pay full price for one of these. You can find them everywhere! Love this particular one.

On crazy sale!


The price. You have to!

I’m so interested in trying a Rails shirt. Does anyone have one? Worth the hype?

Here it is in stripes. :)

A friend was recently wearing these and I loved them. They’re so cozy-looking, right?!

These seems like a classic shirt that would be in your closet forever.

Beautiful! See? All the staples…

I don’t own a henley shirt. But this one speaks to me!

Love the buttons down the sides.

This skirt! With black tights and boots, I think I might be able to do it…

A great bobble sweater.

It’s cashmere. All the heart eyes.

My Hudson Barbara jeans are on clearance!

Here are the fleece-lined tights I’ve been wearing. GET THEM. They’ll change your life, and you’ll be able to wear dresses and skirts again! :)