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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o this is the cutest: Mitch put together a post for Kelly in the City! Above are his best recommendations for what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day if you’re scrambling at the last minute. (Valentine’s Day is 10 days away, so there’s still time to order and get your gift in time. But time’s running out… so do it now!)

A few (adorable) explanations from Mitch about his gift guide:

Number 2Vineyard Vines reminds me of the Shore and dressing up for that one formal dinner we usually go to during our week-long stays. This print, in particular, is my favorite because it’s what our flower girl and ring bearer wore to our wedding. But I also love this one! Guys love Vineyard Vines gifts because they add some fun to our otherwise boring formal looks.

Number 3: I honestly wear a Patagonia Quarter-Zip every day during the winter. It’s super warm! When I wear mine, I can sometimes get away without even bringing a coat to work. In Chicago! It’s also good-looking enough to wear inside at work, which is nice, as it’s comfortable and soft. (I’m not a huge fan of wool sweaters.) It even looks good with a “teacher tie” underneath!

Number 14: A couple of weeks ago, Kelly and I got Taco Bell drive-through. Somewhere between putting the wallet in the cupholder (which Kelly remembers) and the next morning, it went missing. We parked right outside the house, and scoured the area… and then tore the house apart looking for it. Sadly, though, it’s gone… and now I need a replacement! While I’m not sure I’d ever actually spend the money on a Coach wallet, I’d definitely say this is my top pick right now. (I’ve heard, however, that Coach outlets have more affordable options.)

Number 11: I LOVE this router. It might not look like much, but it fixes all wireless connectivity problems, and it’s controlled by an app on your phone. (And it’s made by Google, so you know it’s good!) It “prioritizes” devices, meaning that if you’re working on an important project on your computer and someone else is streaming video, you won’t lose the internet on your computer. If you typically use multiple devices at once and experience problems with your wifi, this thing is for you–and it’s especially for you if you’re planning a nice “Netflix and chill” kind of of Valentine’s Day celebration. No more buffering or blinking lights getting in the way of a romantic evening of… ahem… cuddling on the couch.

^ Oh my god, haha. Sorry, guys.

Number 15: Be careful about buying your guy a Sonos Play 1 speaker. I got one for my birthday last year and now we have 10 covering every flat surface of our house. (WHAT? IS THIS TRUE, MITCH?! I THOUGHT WE HAD FIVE!) Imagine filling every room with gorgeous-sounding music at the touch of a button. A Sonos Play 1 isn’t another junky bluetooth speaker. It sets up its own wifi network and connects to the internet by itself. You can play anything you want just by pushing a button on the speaker. No need to even pull out the phone!

^ That cracked me up. Anyone else think Mitch should work for Sonos?

Number 17: These Sperry Topsiders are my go-to shoes. While I’ve always purchased the lighter tan, this year I went for the darker brown and they’ve held up a lot better. I love that Sperry boat shoes are comfy yet totally pass as “dress shoes” for most occasions when you pair ’em with a blazer.

Thanks for stopping by, Mitch! ;)