Barbour on Sale (This is the one I’m wearing, but the version that’s on sale is SO close!) // White Skinny Jeans / Btw: All Hunters on major sale!

A quick note: The Wednesday Motherhood Series has been pushed back to Thursday this week. Tune in tomorrow for a post about how Mitch and I maintain our marriage as new parents!

There will definitely be a lot of sales occurring this weekend. The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, though, is always my favorite. (Now through June 4th, you can take up to 40 percent off a huge selection of merchandise.) I went through most of it last night and picked out my faves, and I’ll be adding to this post throughout the course of today. Be sure to check back (and check back often!) for updates. :)

Okay! Here are some of my faves:

Navy peacoat

I’ve been wearing this navy pea coat a lot on the blog lately, and I love how much warmth it adds to my springtime looks without the usual bulk. Warm up, Chicago! Until then, I’ll be hangin’ in this coat.

Scalloped Sandals

I really, really love these sandals, as they can be dressed up or down during the spring and summer. Mine are a lighter color, but I adore the brown, as I think it might be even preppier. :)

Quilted Barbour

I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about how great this Barbour is, but it features the same cut as the classic one yet is so much warmer.

Pink Pumps

Guaranteed to bring a little color to any all-blue outfit. ;) I love my pink pumps!

Collared Top

The top is actually a sweatshirt material, which makes it extra cozy–yet not too hot–for spring and summer. How sweet is the lace collar?!

Pink Sandals

My outfits would be pretty dull this season without these pink sandals. See that chunky block heel?! That makes ’em extra comfy!

Striped Rain Coat

Here’s the striped rain coat again! Tuckernuck is where I found mine.

Leather Booties

I know. Summer is just around the corner. But I swear, guys: BEST BOOTIES EVER. Swoop ’em up now and save ’em for the fall.


They’re perfect. They’re comfy and I don’t see too many people wearing them around the city, which is kind of nice!

White Skinny Jeans

Recently came into possession of this pair of white skinny jeans and I’m OBSESSED. They’re crazy soft and they’re generous around the waist if you need it, but they maintain their shape, too.

Other Faves from the Sale:







Burberry & Barbour

And the spotlight is on…

I’ve been lusting after this dress for the longest time, and it’s finall on sale. :) There’s a shirt version, too.

Here are my scalloped block-heel sandals again, but this time in light brown. Even MORE classic?!

GAH! Most of the hydrangea line is on sale. I think my favorite is this dress, but I also love the skirt and shorter dress.

As Mitch tells you on the reg, I’m obsessed with gingham. But I particularly love how much pop this gingham number has! The color is insane. Here’s a top in the same print, also on sale!

I’m all about the strappy lace dresses this year, and this light blue one is currently my fave.

The scalloped tote is on sale for a killer deal!

Sweaters are always better when adorned with bows.

Listen. The Burberry Trench has been on my wishlist forEVER, and this one is pretty perfect for me. And the price is insane considering what they normally go for!

Here it is. :) Tuckernuck is where I found mine, in case it sells out really quickly.

I’ve been wearing this a lot on the blog lately, and I love how much warmth it adds to my springtime looks without the usual bulk. Warm up, Chicago! Until then, I’ll be hangin’ in this coat.

My favorite Barbour.

LOVE! Got these a couple of weeks ago and they’re so, so flattering. I also love how soft and stretchy they are!

I’ve been wearing this top on the reg. It feels like a sweatshirt but that navy lace collar makes it looks oh-so-sophisticated, which I love!

As you know, I’ve had my eye on these jeans for a long time. Should I do it?!

Love my Sheps for summer nights on the beach! There’s also this one and this one.

SO glad they brought back the flamingo espadrilles.

I hear this is the greatest trench of all time, since it’s lined and therefore much warmer than its competitors!

Tried these on the other day and couldn’t get over how soft and comfy they were.

I forget who I saw this on recently, but I immediately fell in love. <3

The pink pumps! Grab ’em while you can!

Classic mules for the fall. Or spring, depending on what color you get them in. I have ’em in black!

Wouldn’t these go very well with a striped navy t-shirt dress?

Loafers that look like baskets. Sign me UP.

Light blue mules. How had I not seen these?!

I need to wear more color, and I really do love this dress.

I feel like Tory Burch is upping her game.

SUCH a good deal on my favorite sandals of the season. I wear them at least three times per week!

Favorite booties as all time since they cause absolutely NO pain–even when we’ve walked several miles!

The sweetest tiered top.